Quantum Gravity and String Theory


Time and Entropy

Authors: LeiGuanji

Time and entropy LeiGuanji Time is the thing that we need to measure the change.A clock's second hand run a round,we say that the frame of reference which the clock in is go though a second.Each round the second hand run has used up a same energy.So the increase amount of entropy is in direct proportion to the amount of the go of time:ΔS∝Δt. Time is the thing we fancied.Things changed from a state in our memory to a new state,that make we have the feel that the time is going.Suppose there is some atoms which the half life is 1 second.We measure the amount of the atoms each second,and we need to bear the amount in mind,we find the change of amount,so we think the time is going.We need to use up a same energy each second to bear the amount of atoms,so the entropy of our body is in direct proportion to the time we think was gone:ΔS∝Δt.So the psychological arrow of time,is determinded by thermodynamic arrow of time. Time is not exist,there is only the change of thing,no time.We only can make a standard change to set the amound of the time has gone(like the second hand has run a round or the 9192631770 cycles of the transition ofcaesium atomic clock).Another change from begin to end,the standard change has done twice,we say that this change use two standard time.If the standard change's amount of entropy increase is S0,so ΔS∝Δt. To compare the speed of the time going is only can use the amount of standard change,too.The second hand of blue cat and Yang Liwei who are in the earth run 10 rounds(10 standard changes),the second hand of LaLa and Buji who are in the Tongxin spaceship (the youth spaceship) which the speed is 0.6c run 8 rounds(8 standard changes).So the blue cat and Yang Liwei can think that LaLa and Buji's speed of time is slower than them,that's the same condition to LaLa and Buji. So there is no time,time is only a fantasy in our mind."ΔS∝Δt" is because we imagine the change of entropy ΔS=S0 as Δt.Entropy increases with time because we meause time in the direction in which entropy increase.And from Gravitational Theory of entropy(my paper"Gravitational Theory of Time") we can know, all change (difference) is our fantasy,so time is our fantasy in our mind,too. ΔS∝Δt,my two papers "Some Views Of Time Trials for Fundamental Constants"(Some Views of Fine-Structure Constant and the Speed of Light) and "Gravitational Theory of Time"(I have submitted this paper to Gravity Research Foundation) both base on this conclusion. Who has created the color?Maybe some people will say god,but really?What's red?What's blue?You can say they are the color of blood and sky.But,if you are an achromatopsia or a blind,what would you say?So there is no color,there is only light with different wavelength. Time is like that,there is no time , there is only change of things.Both color and time are created by ourselves,not god.Both color and time are our fantasies.

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