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[1] viXra:0703.0026 [pdf] submitted on 25 Mar 2007

Unification of Fusion Theories (UFT)

Authors: Florentin Smarandache
Comments: recovered from

Since no fusion theory neither rule fully satisfy all needed applications, the author proposes a Unification of Fusion Theories and a combination of fusion rules in solving problems/applications. For each particular application, one selects the most appropriate model, rule(s), and algorithm of implementation. We are working in the unification of the fusion theories and rules, which looks like a cooking recipe, better we'd say like a logical chart for a computer programmer, but we don't see another method to comprise/unify all things. The unification scenario presented herein, which is now in an incipient form, should periodically be updated incorporating new discoveries from the fusion and engineering research.
Category: Artificial Intelligence