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[1] viXra:1804.0093 [pdf] submitted on 2018-04-06 07:41:06

None Complex Numbers

Authors: Said Amharech
Comments: 5 Pages. the work is written in french

This work is dealing with something that we’re not sure it exists, but it’s just an attempt to solve some problems in algebra, it gives a general idea about the complexe numbers we got from the great mathematicians of all times, I believe that these complexe numbers we notice in algebra, calculus or even quantum physics are not enough, in general, i think there is another infinite dimension of numbers, and real or complexe numbers are just a simple projection of the complexity of that world. As a method of work instead of adding a function of rotation pi over two as we did with the real line to expand the complexe plan, i’ve thought to make a function of translation… But the importance in here is that the function we need is not a linear function to solve some kind of problems like for example dividing over zero, and as you may notice if the function isn’t linear so that the neutral element of the complexe plan for the additive law which it the trivial zero we know is completely different of the neutral element of the new mother group. at the end we can find some roots easily of riemann’s zeta function but it is not a complexe roots.
Category: Algebra