Functions and Analysis

1106 Submissions

[3] viXra:1106.0056 [pdf] submitted on 27 Jun 2011

The Introduction of Twist (The Skew) in the Mathematics

Authors: Mircea Selariu
Comments: 10 pages.

The article define a mathematic entity called twist, which generates, in this way, notion of straight line. Straight line becom thus a twist of eccentricity e = 0, and broken line (zigzag line) is a twist of s = ± 1.
Category: Functions and Analysis

[2] viXra:1106.0055 [pdf] replaced on 27 Jun 2011

The Calculus Relation Determination, with Whatever Precision, of Complete Elliptic Integral of the First Kind.

Authors: Mircea Selariu
Comments: 10 pages. v1 in Romanian, v2 in English.

These papers show a calculus relation ( 50 ) of complete elliptic integral K(k) with minimum 9 precise decimals and the possibility to obtain a more precisely relation.. It results by application Landen's method, of geometrical-arithmetical average, not for obtain a numerical value but to obtain a compute algebraically relation after 5 steps of a geometrical transformation, called "CENTERED PROCESS".
Category: Functions and Analysis

[1] viXra:1106.0014 [pdf] submitted on 9 Jun 2011

Is Zero to the Zero Power Equal to One?

Authors: Ron Bourgoin
Comments: 4 pages

Sometimes in physics we end up with a function that resembles f(x)=00, where for example we have a radius that goes to zero and an exponent goes to zero in k/r n , where k is a constant. Is 00 in such cases equal to unity?
Category: Functions and Analysis