Functions and Analysis

1612 Submissions

[4] viXra:1612.0413 [pdf] submitted on 2016-12-30 16:56:35

Area of Torricelli's Trumpet or Gabriel's Horn, Sum of the Reciprocals of the Primes, Factorials of Negative Integers

Authors: Sinisa Bubonja
Comments: 9 Pages.

In our previous work [1], we defined the method for computing general limits of functions at their singular points and showed that it is useful for calculating divergent integrals, the sum of divergent series and values of functions in their singular points. In this paper, we have described that method and we will use it to calculate the area of Torricelli's trumpet or Gabriel's horn, the sum of the reciprocals of the primes and factorials of negative integers.
Category: Functions and Analysis

[3] viXra:1612.0394 [pdf] submitted on 2016-12-29 16:05:22

Perceptive or P-Calculus: Ordinale & Residuale Noesis

Authors: Arthur Shevenyonov
Comments: 10 Pages. novel foundations

An early formal glimpse at a survey of results yet to be revealed bridging topics as diverse as, the extensions of Cauchy functional equation, Taylor expansion, ABC conjecture, and Fermat LP to name but a few.
Category: Functions and Analysis

[2] viXra:1612.0245 [pdf] submitted on 2016-12-14 08:14:24

New Expansions in Series for Tangent and Secant Functions

Authors: Edigles Guedes
Comments: 3 Pages.

In this paper, the author proved new expansions in series for tangent and secant functions.
Category: Functions and Analysis

[1] viXra:1612.0238 [pdf] replaced on 2019-02-20 21:02:28

On the Navier-Stokes Equations

Authors: Daniel Thomas Hayes
Comments: 4 Pages.

The millennium problem on the existence and smoothness of the Navier-Stokes equations is considered.
Category: Functions and Analysis