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Atlantis Shrugged 17°09'48.82" N 65°03'25.04" W

Authors: Jay Yoon
Comments: 47 Pages.

As the twenty-first century unfolds, the mystery of Atlantis remains as enigmatic as ever. That is, until now. Google Earth, for the first time in the history of human civilization, has laid bare the seafloor of the world's oceans for anyone to see, and the author has found the lost city of Atlantis fifteen thousand feet under the sea. In Atlantis Shrugged, the author presents these never-before-seen photos of the city through a Socratic dialogue, a conversation between three historical figures, Aristotle, Critias, and Solon, that will reveal to the discerning reader the true nature of Atlantis. Aristotle, who disbelieved in his teacher Plato's story, through the course of the dialogue, becomes convinced of the truth of Plato's narrative and his stamp of approval and conversion symbolizes the transmigration of the story of Atlantis from the realm of shadowy mist of myth to that of indisputable fact. Atlantis Shrugged contains the makings of a paradigm shift in our world consciousness, wherein the myths of our past will be revealed as sacred truth, a truth that indeed, is stranger than fiction. Coordinates (can look up on Google Earth): 17°09'48.82" N 65°03'25.04" W
Category: Archaeology

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The “Hanging Gardens” of Göbekli Tepe

Authors: Constantinos Ragazas
Comments: 12 Pages. Copyright © 2013 All Rights Reserved by the Author

Based on the facts on the ground and on ancient texts, I argue Göbekli Tepe is the site of The Hanging Gardens of Babylon. One of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World. Further, I explain why the current dates of 10,000BC for Göbekli Tepe are wrong. Rather, this construction probably dates to 600BC. At a time when Babylonian and Assyrian Civilizations are known to have had the capabilities and organization to have build such wonders.
Category: Archaeology