1309 Submissions

[1] viXra:1309.0125 [pdf] submitted on 2013-09-17 14:03:42

“CRYPTA MANENT”. the Early Christians and the Catacombs of the Ancient Rome. Project Proposal for a Performative, High Technological Archeological Exhibition-Path, Installed Inside a Modern Museum

Authors: Giuseppe Laquidara, Marika Mazzi Boém
Comments: 8 Pages.

Crypta Manent ‘013 aims to create a hybrid virtual-reality, immersive, and scenographic exhibition-space/path, representing a Catacomb of the Ancient Rome, installed inside a modern, itinerant museum. The resulting environment is dynamically connected to big open dataset [LOD], specific for the archeological Built Heritage, enriched with correlated media resources, aiming to process them in quasi-real time, through urgent computation algorithms, and live reproducing different path and archeo-environment live. The resulting experience touches every sense and stimuli [visual, acoustic, tactile, olfactory, cognitive and learning], coming to the "immersive" experiment, since a so called "tech-capsule" is installed reproducing in stereoscopic, immersive performance a real underground walkway, assisted by wearable devices. The dynamics of data streams coming from the set of Big Open Data, leads up to the experience to “5 dimensions”.
Category: Archaeology