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The Nazca Lines - A Non-mysterious, Non-extraterrestrial Explanation

Authors: Joel M Williams
Comments: 15 Pages.

This paper demonstrates with figures that the Nazca lines, whether straight and narrow or broad like rectangles and trapezoids, are simply the application of basic, humankind, engineering knowledge. No extraterrestrial intervention was necessary. ______________ Why the Nazca Desert even exists is demonstrated with a satellite image of the area and contour lines. A colossal landslide performed a strip-mining dump into the previous valley giving pre-Inca miners a "rock-milled" ore source. ______________ How the nature figures were created with significant precision without being viewable has been a source of conjecture. This paper illustrates that they could simply have been created by citizens who staged them on a well-defined, viewable grid and then celebrated by marching into the open desert and taking up corresponding target locations. ______________ Some of the Nazca nature figures are "staged" on the Mandala Grid in the paper.
Category: Archaeology