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[1] viXra:0806.0001 [pdf] submitted on 11 Jun 2008

Our Universe Milky Way Galaxy

Authors: Cao Junfeng
Comments: recovered from

Our universe Milky Way Galaxy produced the Solar System, the Solar System produced the Earth. In my viewpoint, The nature is composed by the majority of Cold Quantum and the minority of Hot Quantum, the combination of Cold Quantum and the Hot Quantum forms the material, the aggregation of the material forms celestial bodies, Cold Quantum pushes the movement of celestial bodies, please watch my web:, my web can explain this for you. Today, I'd like to say some thing about how the Milky Way Galaxy is producing fixed star unceasingly, how fixed star is producing the planet such as the Earth, and how the fixed star and planets are disappearing unceasingly
Category: Astrophysics