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[7] viXra:1304.0144 [pdf] submitted on 2013-04-25 11:11:23

The Creator's Quest for Humans

Authors: Jin He
Comments: 6 Pages. Wake up, humans! Do not be cheated by your landlords.

According to Western religion, galaxies are designed by the Creator. Dr. Jin He found many evidences that galaxies are rational distribution of stars. Rational structure in two dimension means that not only there exists an orthogonal net of curves in the plane but also, for each curve, the stellar density on one side of the curve is in constant ratio to the density on the other side of the curve. Such a curve is called a proportion curve or a Darwin curve. Such a distribution of matter is called a rational structure. There are plenty of evidences for rational galaxy structure. We list a few examples. Firstly, galaxy stellar distribution can be fitted to rational structure. Secondly, spiral arms can be fitted to Darwin curves. Thirdly, rational structure dictates New Universal Gravity which explains constant rotation curves elegantly. However, there has been no systematic study on rational structure. This letter presents a general partial differential equation whose solution must be rational structure. Also given in the letter is the geometric meaning of the equation. The general solution to the equation is called the Creator's open quest for humans which has not been answered yet.
Category: Astrophysics

[6] viXra:1304.0132 [pdf] replaced on 2013-05-19 07:09:41

Retrograde Spin-Orbit Coupling Effects on the Apsidal Motion of Eclipsing Binary Star Systems: the Case of V541cygni

Authors: M.E.Hassani
Comments: 5 Pages; 27 References

It is usually known that the line of apsides of eclipsing binary star systems precesses due to general relativistic effects and classical (Newtonian) tidal and rotational deformations of the stars, whose rotation axes are assumed normal to the orbital plane. For almost all binaries, the expected theoretical and observed apsidal motion rates are in agreement. However, some systems –V541 Cygni, V1143 Cygni, V459 Cassiopeia and AS Camelopardalis – have broken this agreement and resisted explanation for a long time. In this study, we are exclusively dealt with V541 Cygni. We present very tentative theoretical evidence in support of the hypothesis that the retrograde spin-orbit coupling of system causes orbital plane precession in the direction opposite to the relativistic apsidal motion when the spin angular momentum vector is not aligned with the orbital angular momentum vector, thereby reconciling the theoretical and observational result.
Category: Astrophysics

[5] viXra:1304.0062 [pdf] submitted on 2013-04-14 04:21:41

Dark Matter: Disproved by Grail

Authors: Wolfgang Westenberger
Comments: 2 Pages.

Summary. It is evident that GRAIL satellites did not at all measure the moon's total mass gravity as if all of it's mass were concentrated at it's centre. Disproving the centre referred theory on behalf of the moon, GRAIL also disproved the centre referred Dark Matter Theory on behalf of galaxies.
Category: Astrophysics

[4] viXra:1304.0042 [pdf] submitted on 2013-04-08 14:43:31

Sunspots Magnetic Field

Authors: Kamal L Rajpal
Comments: 3 Pages.

Lower sunspot temperature means lower entropy which implies polarization, and so, sunspots are areas of polarized (circular or elliptical) photons, which explain their magnetic nature.
Category: Astrophysics

[3] viXra:1304.0040 [pdf] submitted on 2013-04-08 14:24:59

Does Nibiru have life?

Authors: Andrew Nassif, Thomas Scott Zolotor
Comments: 1 Page.

A short commentary by Thomas and Andrew on the possibility of Nibiru having life, and maybe the possibility that Nibiru have already been proven existing.
Category: Astrophysics

[2] viXra:1304.0031 [pdf] replaced on 2013-04-06 06:51:38

The Probable Evolution of Black Holes, Galactic Cores, & Quasars

Authors: Keith D. Foote
Comments: 7 Pages.

This thesis develops a model of black holes, galactic cores, and quasars evolving over time, rather than simply appearing shortly or immediately after the theoretical Big Bang. It should be noted galactic cores and quasars ‘are’ black holes, given added definition by interaction with their surroundings. This model of evolving black holes does not support the Big Bang Theory, and suggests the concept of quasars popping into existence shortly after the theoretical Big Bang is a forced fit, lacking in any hard supporting evidence.
Category: Astrophysics

[1] viXra:1304.0022 [pdf] replaced on 2016-05-04 05:45:26

The Self Organizing Universe in Three Different Nebula Systems.

Authors: Leo Vuyk
Comments: 27 Pages. 27

Three different nebula systems are observed by now in the cosmos: they can be classified as: Bipolar (Multi) polar and Non polar The origin of these differences seem to be based on a new electric dark matter black hole behaviour which is already described in Quantum FFF Theory. (Function Follows Form) Quantum FFF Theory,, the FORM and MICROSTRUCTURE of elementary particles, is supposed to be the origin of FUNCTIONAL differences between Higgs- Graviton- Photon- and Fermion particles. As a result, a NEW paradigm splitting, (with Gamma Ray Bursts) accelerating and pairing Black Hole seems to be able to accelerate itself by a -Zero Point Energy driven-self created plasma tails, to form dumbbell systems, called Herbig Haro systems, as the start of Bok globules and new star formation in between these dual- or multiple black holes, kept apart by Birkeland current related particle jets and interpreted as the start of an open star cluster producing single stars and binaries by centrifugal rotation forces of the growing central star. The central star is supposed to grow fast by the continuous Higgs field electric/gravity concentration into the center of the dual Stellar Anchor Black Holes. (SABHs). However it is also obvious that the mass of the dual SABHs is forming a maximum mass boundary for the mass of the central star. As a result there is continuous plasma production and central concentration in between the dual SABHs forming the growing central star. However the mass of the central star has its own limitation by the same binary SABH black hole influence on the local Higgs field pressure on the central star. As a result, the central star will start to spit out new stars and become the center of a new open star cluster until new black hole systems formed by supernova black holes of the exploding star-children of the central star. This will influence the local Higgs field polarisation pressure on the central star which will form smaller open star cluster as the start of a small galaxy. Several examples of pairing and splitting super nova black holes into HH objects and Bok globules can be recognized inside the Carina and other nebula. These small black holes inside the Carina nebula are supposed to be remnants of Supernovas or even at a smaller scale remnants of comets or former Starspots like our own Black hole based Sunspots. This is also reason to suppose that what we observe here at a small scale should have happened directly after the Big bang and the origin of the so called Fractal shaped Lyman Alpha Forest.. As a consequence, this phenomenon is an extra support for the Quantum FFF theory based Big Bang model as the splitting process of a former Big Crunch black hole into a symmetric raspberry shaped multiverse. The recent observation of bipolar butterfly shaped planetary nebula aligned with the plane of the milky way, should be a direct result of the way Herbig Haro objects are created by pairing and receding dual black hole systems.
Category: Astrophysics