Peiman Ghasemi

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Answer to One of the Most Important Unsolved Problems of All Time: the Nature of Matter, Hadronic Reactions, the Issue of Massive Electrons, the Photo Electric Effect, Determination of a Photon's Mass, Radioactivity, and Wave–particle Duality

Authors: Peiman Ghasemi
Category: High Energy Particle Physics

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Women Brain Foods: Increased Basal Antioxidant Capacity Effects on Mental Cognition and Carcinogenesis

Authors: Peiman Ghasemi
Category: Mind Science

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Kings’ Dirty Operation: Concise Memos of My Cooperation with the CIA and Illuminati's Hell

Authors: Peiman Ghasemi, Barack Obama
Category: Social Science

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Controlling Planetary Movements: Displacement of Earth for Preventing Extinction of the Entire Existence of Life Because Increments of Solar Irradiance

Authors: Peiman Ghasemi
Category: Astrophysics

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Encrypted Transmission of a PGP Public Key to Destinations

Authors: Peiman Ghasemi
Category: Digital Signal Processing

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Exposure of Charged Particle Beam on the Brain of the Humans Leads to a Painless Death

Authors: Peiman Ghasemi
Category: Mind Science

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A Probabilistic Proof of the Existence of Etraterrestrial Life

Authors: Peiman Ghasemi
Category: Set Theory and Logic