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[1] viXra:1509.0145 [pdf] submitted on 2015-09-16 16:10:53

Generating Cheap and Clean Energy by Making a Plant Microbial Fuel Cell Using Cheap Materials

Authors: Antony Halim, Abdelrahman Fawaz, Mohamed Elhabashy
Comments: 11 Pages.

Egypt faces a lot of grand challenges, nowadays, which led to a great corruption in the economical, educational and health issues in the community. The energy challenge has become the most effective one in this century that led to many global conflicts. So, our project has started a way of integration between generating green energy and improving environment in order to solve many challenges such as pollution and lack of energy. Our project has connected generating energy using green plants. The idea of our project is making a natural electro-biochemical fuel cell depending on a natural resource in the environment. Specifically, we will rely on the photosynthesis process of the green plants using the wet agricultural soil, the naturally existing living organisms and other simple materials that could be found anywhere easily. Electricity is generated 24 hours a day without harming the plants or the environment achieving high-efficiency and low-cost. These are the designing requirements for our prototype. Introduction: Many solutions for the lack of energy have emerged during the last decade. At first we worked on a
Category: Biochemistry