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[11] viXra:1606.0340 [pdf] submitted on 2016-06-30 09:26:08

Is Electric Field Vector Field or Covector Field?

Authors: Radi I. Khrapko
Comments: 3 Pages. nobody wants to know the difference between vector and covector.

There are different fields in electrodynamics: vector fields and covector fields.
Category: Classical Physics

[10] viXra:1606.0331 [pdf] replaced on 2016-07-03 07:07:15

Specific Features of Time Dilation During Circular Movement

Authors: Vadim N. Matvejev, Oleg V. Matvejev
Comments: 9 Pages.

The paper considers observations of the transverse Doppler effect by an observer located in the center of a circle with a large diameter and observers, who are in motion at relativistic velocity around a circle. Keywords: special relativity, transverse Doppler effect, aberration of light, blueshift, redshift
Category: Classical Physics

[9] viXra:1606.0330 [pdf] replaced on 2016-07-03 03:06:42

Задача о недогадливых пришельцах, или популярное изложение поперечного эффекта Доплера.

Authors: Vadim N. Matvejev, Oleg V. Matvejev
Comments: 11 Pages. In Russian

В статье рассматривается зависимость результатов наблюдения поперечного эффекта Доплера от приписанной себе наблюдателем относительной скорости. The article discusses the dependence of the results of observation of the transverse Doppler effect from attributed to an observer relative velocity .
Category: Classical Physics

[8] viXra:1606.0295 [pdf] submitted on 2016-06-27 10:40:05

Elektrostatische Entsalzung Von Meerwasser

Authors: Herbert Weidner
Comments: 7 Pages. available also in English language

Durch elektrostatische Kraft werden Ionen an die Oberfläche von Elektroden gebunden, wodurch der Salzgehalt der Elektrolytflüssigkeit sinkt. Eine mehrstufige Entsalzungskaskade kann das Salz vollständig entfernen. Das Verfahren verwendet keine chemischen Umwandlungen und kann mit handelsüblichen Bauelementen gebaut werden.
Category: Classical Physics

[7] viXra:1606.0291 [pdf] submitted on 2016-06-27 10:14:57

Electrostatic Desalination of Seawater

Authors: Herbert Weidner
Comments: 6 Pages.

By electrostatic force, ions are bound to the surface of electrodes, whereby the salt content of the electrolyte liquid decreases. A multistage cascade desalination can remove the ions completely. The process uses no chemical transformations and requires only conventional components.
Category: Classical Physics

[6] viXra:1606.0192 [pdf] submitted on 2016-06-18 22:01:39

Methods and Instruments to Increase a Signal-to-Noise Ratio in the Image-Addressing-Based Torsion Field Communication

Authors: Mark Krinker
Comments: 5 Pages.

To increase a signal to noise ratio in Torsion Field Communication Sessions, the emitted spinning signal proposed to form directly from video signals of images of transmitter and receiver. The receiver contains a mixer/multiplier fed with an identical reference video signal and the signal of the sensor.
Category: Classical Physics

[5] viXra:1606.0170 [pdf] submitted on 2016-06-16 18:07:43

A Phenomenon of Driving the Field Gyroscope up to Speed by a Light

Authors: Mark Krinker
Comments: 8 Pages.

The experiments with the Spinning Electric Vector Analyzer, SEVA, have revealed an integration-like process of gradual driving a localized spinning electromagnetic field up to speed. The spinning process was induced both incandescent and gas-discharge lamps in vicinity of the SEVA sensor. The experiments can be explained as manifestation of G.I. Shipov’s field of inertia associated with the Physical Vacuum. An original electromagnetic spinning field drives its vacuum partner up to speed, having a characteristic time constant which depends on the conditions of experiments. The similar driving-up-to-speed processes were noted for a wide class of other phenomena. The quantum nature of FG is obviously seen on the images from a screen of the oscilloscope as a manifestation of discrete orbits.
Category: Classical Physics

[4] viXra:1606.0102 [pdf] submitted on 2016-06-11 03:29:04

Proposal for Measurement of Impurities in Any Liquid Media Inside the Flow Vessel Using Piezoelectric Sensing

Authors: Pragyaditya Das
Comments: 7 Pages.

In this proposal, I extend my idea on how do we sense and accurately measure the amount of impurities in any liquid media. I am planning on using the principles of Piezoelectric Sensing to do it. The basic idea is to use the voltage output from a piezoelectric strip (say S) to sense the amount of impurities (Say ImL) in the Liquid Media (say L). What I intend to do is, I would use an adhesive layer (say Ah) which would be reactive to the impurity we are trying to measure. I want to fix a layer of Ah on S. Then I would fix on end of S to the wall of the container in which the liquid is flowing. S will now act as a Cantilever Beam. Now, L flows through the pipe. The impurities present in L will settle and adhere on S, due to the adhesive property of Ah. The settling of impurities of some mass , will bend S and generate an output voltage (say V). Here the strip is acting like a cantilever beam.
Category: Classical Physics

[3] viXra:1606.0100 [pdf] replaced on 2016-06-10 22:57:43

The Gravitational Constant May not be Constant: Correlation of Gravitational Constant Measurements with Ambient Gravitation

Authors: DT Froedge
Comments: 7 Pages. The scatter in the Gravitational Constant measurements may not be random

There is a long history of measuring the gravitational constant starting with Henry Cavendish in the 1700’s,[1], and in the last 15 years there has been a focused on refining the value with more modern technology, and precision instrumentation. Unfortunately the value is hard to pin down, and as the error bars of the various experiments at labs around the world get smaller the values are not the same and even the error bars are not overlapping. This paper evaluates the relation between the most precision measurements over the last 15 years, and the ambient gravitation at the location of the measurement. Although there may be some errors in the exact value of the ambient gravitation due to the exact location of the lab making the measurement, the errors are not significant enough to make a difference in the conclusion. There is a definite relationship between the measured gravitational constant and the ambient value of the background gravitation. This paper presents the data illustrating the correlation.
Category: Classical Physics

[2] viXra:1606.0070 [pdf] submitted on 2016-06-07 12:43:20

[tlnomiva] : Transmission Line Nominal Values without Tolerance - from Cable Specifications and Technical Data Sheets : FLOSS for MS Windows

Authors: N. I. Yannopoulou, P. E. Zimourtopoulos
Comments: 30 Pages. FunkTechnikPlus # Journal, Issue 10 - Year 3, 31 May 2016, v1, 7-36, otoiser ftp#j

[[tlnomiva] is a visual software application developed by the authors for a transmission line characterization from the user's point of view. The numerical computations are based on the precise formulation within the distributed circuit coefficients model of a transmission line, which was theoretically developed by the authors and published in a previous paper. The use of [tlnomiva] is fully demonstrated by an example for the popular RG 214 coaxial cable. This application is Free Libre Open Source Software and provides an option for more detailed figures by calling the executable of the freely distributed source [wgnuplot].
Category: Classical Physics

[1] viXra:1606.0069 [pdf] replaced on 2019-04-02 07:55:44

Convection Magnetic Currents? \\ Конвекционные магнитные токи?

Authors: Solomon I. Khmelnik
Comments: 4 Pages.

It proposed an experiment that could prove the existence of convection magnetic currents \\ Предлагается эксперимент, который мог бы доказать существование конвекционных магнитных токов
Category: Classical Physics