Classical Physics

1801 Submissions

[26] viXra:1801.0429 [pdf] submitted on 2018-01-31 10:42:07

A Critique on the Definition of the si Unit Mole

Authors: Radhakrishnamurty Padyala
Comments: 4 Pages.

The Draft Chapter 2 for SI Brochure, following redefinition of the base units states, that the XXth CGPM adopted a new definition of the mole. A committee is set to redefine four base units – the ampere, the kilogram, the Kelvin and the mole. We find inconsistencies in the units of molar mass, molecular mass and the relation connecting them through Avogadro constant. There are also problems with the symbols and the terms ‘entity’ used in the definition of mole and the role of isotopes in the specification of an entity X. We give a critical analysis of these issues in this article.
Category: Classical Physics

[25] viXra:1801.0424 [pdf] submitted on 2018-01-31 14:44:21

Light on the Models of Photon and Electromagnetic Wave

Authors: Herbert Weidner
Comments: 12 Pages.

The idea that electromagnetic radiation is a stream of punctiform "photons" proves to be a well-suited model at wavelengths below a few nanometers. This picture is worthless at wavelengths beyond a few millimeters, because only the wave model can explain the observations. The question of how to imagine the generation of a photon is discussed using examples from the metrologically easily accessible radio area.
Category: Classical Physics

[24] viXra:1801.0418 [pdf] submitted on 2018-01-30 08:10:10

On the Speed of the Light in a Gravitational Field

Authors: José Francisco García Juliá
Comments: 2 Pages.

When a body emits a light, its speed decreases due to the gravity.
Category: Classical Physics

[23] viXra:1801.0409 [pdf] submitted on 2018-01-31 05:55:07

Theory of Nature in Definitions and Formulas \\\ Теория Природы в определениях и формулах

Authors: Robert Yusupov
Comments: 30 Pages. In Russian\ \ Robert Yusupov © Theory of Nature in Definitions and Formulas 30.01.2018

In this article, an attempt is made to present in a single article the author's view on the axiomatic construction of the foundations of physics. "Theory of Nature" of the author, the first version of which was ready 6 years ago in 2013, in its essence, is an axiomatic theory of the foundations of the universe, nature and the Universe. "Theory of Nature" actually, and not in words, puts matter at the center of all physics. Matter is introduced into the bosom of physics as the main physical quantity. Because of this, it is possible to build a building of physics, as a strictly axiomatic theory. "Theory of Nature" is a revolution in physics.\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ В настоящей статье предпринята попытка изложить в единой статье взгляд автора на аксиоматическое построение основ физики. «Теория Природы» (ТП) автора, первый вариант которой был готов 6 лет назад в 2013 году, по своей сути, представляет собой аксиоматическую теорию основ мироздания, природы и Вселенной. «Теория Природы» фактически, а не на словах, ставит материю во главу угла во всей физике. Материя вводится в лоно физики в качестве основной физической величины. Вследствие этого и удаётся построить здание физики, как строго аксиоматическую теорию. «Теория Природы» - это революция в физике.
Category: Classical Physics

[22] viXra:1801.0394 [pdf] submitted on 2018-01-29 07:32:23

Wandering Towards a Goal: How Can Mindless Mathematical Laws Give Rise to Aims and Intention?

Authors: Nainan K. Varghese
Comments: 4 Pages. Originally published in FQXi essay contest

Abstract: Mathematical deductions are nothing but exercises of human mind. Mathematical equations or laws have no mind of their own. Human minds manipulate information from various ‘cause and effect’ relations to form and interpret various mathematical laws and derive suitable equations. Therefore, it is the human minds that give rise to aims and intentions rather than mindless mathematics. Without human intelligence to formulate them from cause and effect relations, mathematical laws and equations remain mere sequential arrangements of notations.
Category: Classical Physics

[21] viXra:1801.0387 [pdf] submitted on 2018-01-28 17:35:59

Existence and Reality

Authors: Nainan K. Varghese
Comments: 2 Pages. Originally published on

Entire universe (and everything in it, including us) exists. Its existence is not one of many conjectural activities of human mind. Irrespective of presence of human race, the universe existed, is existing and will continue to exist in more or less in similar state. Generally considering, there are two levels of existence. First level of existence is that which does not depend on others for existence. Universe as a whole and its material constituents form this group. These are real entities. They are there because of their objectivity. Second level of existence is that which depends on others for existence. These are functional entities. Functional entities are born out of real entities and their relations. They are created by intellect of real entities for definite purposes.
Category: Classical Physics

[20] viXra:1801.0362 [pdf] submitted on 2018-01-26 08:41:16

The Riddle of the Mass of the Electron

Authors: Sylwester Kornowski
Comments: 5 Pages.

The magnetomechanical anomaly for electron leads to mass of electric charge equal to half the mass of the bare electron. On the other hand, the ratio of the spin magnetic moment to the Bohr magneton and the invariance of electric charge from the running fine structure constant show that only the mass is the sum of the bare mass and anomalous mass. The model of electron presented within the Scale-Symmetric Theory (SST) shows the origin of the three different masses of electric charge of electron. Due to the fact that the bare electron is a closed system, it transforms as a four vector. More efficient energy source using a nuclear fusion depends on the true structure of the electrons and nucleons.
Category: Classical Physics

[19] viXra:1801.0349 [pdf] submitted on 2018-01-25 13:16:09

New Solution of Maxwell's Equations for Spherical Wave \\ Новое решение уравнений Максвелла для сферической волны

Authors: Solomon I. Khmelnik
Comments: 16 Pages. in Russian

It is noted that the known solution for a spherical electromagnetic wave does not satisfy the law of conservation of energy (it is retained only on the average), the electric and magnetic intensities of the same name (by coordinates) are in phase, only one from system of Maxwell's equations is satisfied, the solution is not wave solution, there is no flow of energy with real value. A solution is offered that is free from these shortcomings. \\ Отмечается, что известное решение для сферической электромагнитной волны не удовлетворяет закону сохранения энергии (она сохраняется только в среднем), одноименные (по координатам) электрические и магнитные напряженности синфазны, выполняется только одно из системы уравнений Максвелла, решение не является волновым, отсутствует поток энергии с реальным значением. Предлагается решение, свободное от этих недостатков.
Category: Classical Physics

[18] viXra:1801.0348 [pdf] submitted on 2018-01-25 13:18:27

New Solution of Maxwell's Equations for Spherical Wave

Authors: Solomon I. Khmelnik
Comments: 15 Pages.

It is noted that the known solution for a spherical electromagnetic wave does not satisfy the law of conservation of energy (it is retained only on the average), the electric and magnetic intensities of the same name (by coordinates) are in phase, only one from system of Maxwell's equations is satisfied, the solution is not wave solution, there is no flow of energy with real value. A solution is offered that is free from these shortcomings.
Category: Classical Physics

[17] viXra:1801.0260 [pdf] submitted on 2018-01-20 15:56:22

Yra-Model of the Universe+++yra-модель мироздания

Authors: Robert Yusupov
Comments: 32 Pages. In Russian (please learn Russian) Robert Yusupov © YRA-model of the universe

This article presents the author's YRA model of the universe. This model emerged as a result of research and analysis of the essence of nature. This model is the core of the author's "Theory of Nature". At the heart of this theory and the YRA-model of the universe lie the concepts of the philosophy of dialectical materialism. This is primarily the categories of matter and movement. "Theory of Nature" includes also the basics of physics and cosmology. These are the basic physical quantities and the concept of the Universe. At the heart of the materialistic YRA-model of the universe under consideration is moving matter. But this matter is not an abstract category of the philosophy, is matter in its concrete manifestation, as an entity, as a substance of nature. Within the framework of the YRA-model of the universe, the structure of the Universe on the Planck scale is represented by the quanta of matter that pulsate in the rhythm of nature. The quanta bursts (flashes) of matter quanta is the real picture of being on the Planck scale. The quantum of matter is represented in the form of atom (crupitsa) of matter or in the form of fundamental particle. Quantum of matter in its minimum manifestation (quantum collapse) is an atom (crupitsa) of matter. Quantum of matter in its maximum manifestation (quantum burst, flash) is a fundamental particle. One can imagine a quantum of matter as a matter ball with a diameter varying in the rhythm of nature. One can imagine a quantum of matter as a matter tandem "atom (crupitsa) of matter - fundamental particle" pulsating in the rhythm of nature. The matter pulsing in the rhythm of nature, the quantum of matter pulsating in the rhythm of nature - that is what lies at the basis of our universe. Key words: nature, matter, universe, dialectics, dialectical materialism, atom (crupitsa) of matter, Singularity, Universe, pulsation, rhythm of nature, frequency, time, physics, cosmology. ++++++++++++++++++++++++++ В настоящей статье представлена авторская YRA-модель мироздания. Эта модель появилась в результате исследований и анализа сущности природы. Эта модель является ядром авторской «Теории Природы» (ТП). В основе этой теории и модели мироздания лежат понятия философии диалектического материализма. Это в первую очередь категории материя и движение. ТП включает в себя также основы физики и космологии. Это основные физические величины и понятие Вселенной. В основе рассматриваемой материалистической YRA-модели мироздания лежит движущаяся материя. Но это не абстрактная категория философии, это материя в ее конкретном проявлении, как сущность, как субстанция природы. В рамках модели мироздания структура Вселенной на планковском масштабе представлена пульсирующими в ритме природы квантами материи. Квантовые всплески квантов материи – вот реальная картина бытия на планковском масштабе. Квант материи представлен в форме крупиц материи и элементарных частиц. Квант материи в своём минимальном проявлении (квантовый схлоп) представляет собой крупицу материи. Квант материи в своём максимальном проявлении (квантовый всплеск) представляет собой элементарную частицу. Можно представить себе квант материи, как изменяющийся в ритме природы в размерах (в диаметре) материальный шарик, или как пульсирующий в ритме природы материальный тандем «крупица материи – элементарная частица». Пульсирующая в ритме природы материя, пульсирующий в ритме природы квант материи – вот что лежит в основе мироздания. Ключевые слова: природа, материя, мироздание, диалектика, диалектический материализм, крупица материи, Сингулярность, Вселенная, пульсация, ритм природы, частота, время, физика, космология
Category: Classical Physics

[16] viXra:1801.0259 [pdf] submitted on 2018-01-20 07:34:44

On the Existence of Magnetic Monopoles and the Invariance of Maxwell's Equations Under Time Reversal

Authors: Akash Kumar Saha
Comments: Pages.

Maxwell's equations in Classical Electrodynamics do not contain any magnetic monopole. As a matter of fact there is no experimental evidence of the magnetic monopoles till now. But still the presence of magnetic monopoles explore a wonderful symmetry in Maxwell's Equations and modern theories like String Theory,Grand Unified Theory(GUT) agree with the presence of monopoles. Paul Dirac tried to introduce magnetic monopoles through the idea of 'Dirac String'.In this paper we will find that magnetic monopoles can be introduced without affecting the classical framework just by defining two auxiliary fields which behave just like electric(E)and magnetic(B) fields. Besides these auxiliary fields can also make Maxwell's Equations symmetric under time reversal.
Category: Classical Physics

[15] viXra:1801.0245 [pdf] submitted on 2018-01-19 06:35:03

On the Fundamentals of Physics+++Об основах физики

Authors: Robert Yusupov
Comments: 29 Pages. In Russian (please learn Russian) Robert Yusupov © On the Fundamentals of Physics

Nature, the world around us is material and discrete at the Planck scale. Natural units of nature such as length, mass and time are inextricably linked among themselves. Their unity is materialized in the atom of matter. Matter, as the physical quantity should be introduced into the bosom of physics. This is requirement of material nature, it is a requirement of our time, it is a requirement of logic progress of development associated with the development of natural science, the sciences of nature and especially physics. But the spirit of materialism pervades not modern physics. "Physical" idealism determines the outlook of physicists. The fundamentals of physics should be based on the matter rather than illusions and ambitions of the vast majority of modern physicists. Matter is the basis of the nature and it should be the basis (the basic physical quantity) of physics, that's the main content of this article. Keywords: nature, matter, length, mass, time, atom (crupitsa) of matter, fine structure constant, physical quantity, natural system of units, law of nature ==================== Природа, окружающий нас мир материальны и дискретны на планковском масштабе. Натуральные единицы природы длина, масса и время неразрывно связаны между собой. Их единство материализуется в крупице материи. Материя, как физическая величина должна быть введена в лоно физики. Это требование материальной природы, это требование сегодняшнего времени, это требование логики развития прогресса, связанного с развитием естествознания, наук о природе и в первую очередь физики. Но дух материализма не пронизывает современную физику. «Физический» идеализм определяет мировоззрение физиков. В основах физики должна лежать материя, а не иллюзии и амбиции, подавляющего большинства современных физиков. Материя - основа природы и она должна стать основой (основной физической величиной) физики, вот основное содержание настоящей статьи. Ключевые слова: природа, материя, длина, масса, время, крупица материи, постоянная тонкой структуры, физическая величина, натуральная система единиц, закон природы
Category: Classical Physics

[14] viXra:1801.0244 [pdf] submitted on 2018-01-19 06:39:38

Natural Physical Units++++Натуральные единицы природы

Authors: Robert Yusupov
Comments: 15 Pages. In Russian (please learn Russian) Robert Yusupov © Natural physical units

The idea of the Planck quantities of length, mass and time as the natural units of nature is perceived by the author as a guide to action. The author in present paper describes his approach to solving the problem of natural units of nature. At the heart of the reasoning of the author the defining formulas proposed by the author lie. These are formulas for fundamental physical quantities, such as speed of light in vacuum and the Newtonian constant of gravitation. Such formulas in the modern physics theory (MPT) are not present. These defining formulas naturally and simply are introduced into viewing. One more defining formula is considered in article. This is the momentum formula. In all these defining formulas natural communication between physical quantities of length, mass and time is expressed. This approach proved to be effective and successful, and allowed to solve the problem of natural physical units. Keywords: nature, matter, length, mass, time, atom (crupitsa) of the matter, fine structure constant, physical quantity, natural system of units, laws of nature ======================= Идея планковских величин длины, массы и времени, как естественных единиц измерения природы воспринята автором, как руководство к действию. Автор в настоящей статье описывает свой подход к решению проблемы натуральных единиц природы. В основе рассуждений автора лежат определяющие формулы, предложенные автором. Это формулы для фундаментальных физических величин, таких как скорость света в вакууме и гравитационная постоянная Ньютона. Таких формул в теории современной физики (ТСФ) нет. Эти формулы естественным образом и весьма просто вводятся в рассмотрение. Ещё одна определяющая формула рассматривается в статье. Это формула импульса. Во всех этих определяющих формулах выражается натуральная связь между физическими величинами длины, массы и времени. Указанный подход оказался эффективным и удачным и позволил решить проблему натуральных единиц природы. Ключевые слова: природа, материя, длина, масса, время, крупица материи, постоянная тонкой структуры, физическая величина, натуральная система единиц, законы природы
Category: Classical Physics

[13] viXra:1801.0239 [pdf] submitted on 2018-01-18 16:13:30

On the Refinement of the Meaning and Value of Elementary Charge (Об уточнении смысла и значения элементарного заряда)

Authors: Robert Yusupov
Comments: 21 Pages. In Russian (please learn Russian) Robert Yusupov © On the refinement of the meaning and value of elementary charge

In this paper, the natural system of units of mass, length and time, as a further development of the Planck system of units, is supplemented by the introduction of a physical quantity by the electric charge. To do this, we had to slightly modify the formula of Coulomb's law. This entailed the refinement of numerical values for physical quantities of elementary and Planck charges. All this, ultimately, led to an understanding of the relationship between unit of electrical charge and matter. Matter (in the form of a natural unit of matter) is introduced into the bosom of physics as the basic physical quantity. This is truly a revolutionary step. This step returns the physics to the bosom of materialism. This step is a twist of physics to the nature. This step is a rejection of the idealistic illusions and traditions that prevailed in physics during the last century. Physics finally and irrevocably passes to the foundation of dialectical materialism. Keywords: nature, time, matter, atom (crupitsa) of matter, physical quantity, natural system of units, laws of nature ************************* В настоящей статье натуральная система единиц массы, длины и времени, как дальнейшее развитие планковской системы единиц, дополняется введением физической величины электрический заряд. Для этого пришлось несколько видоизменить формулу закона Кулона. Это повлекло за собой уточнение числовых значений для физических величин элементарный и планковский заряды. Всё это, в конечном счёте, привело к пониманию взаимосвязи между этими единицами электрического заряда и материей. Материя (в форме натуральной единицы материи) вводится в лоно физики в качестве основной физической величины. Это поистине революционный шаг. Это возврат физики в лоно материализма. Это поворот физики к природе. Это отказ от идеалистических иллюзий и традиций, господствовавших в физике на протяжении последнего столетия. Физика окончательно и бесповоротно переходит на фундамент диалектического материализма. Ключевые слова: природа, время, материя, крупица материи, физическая величина, натуральная система единиц, законы природы
Category: Classical Physics

[12] viXra:1801.0237 [pdf] submitted on 2018-01-18 17:58:09

Generalized System of Natural Units (Обобщённая система натуральных единиц)

Authors: Robert Yusupov
Comments: 25 Pages. In Russian (please learn Russian) Robert Yusupov © Generalized system of natural units

Natural system of units of mass, length and time is a refinement of the Planck unit system. The natural system is a "natural system of units of measurement", which attracted the attention of Max Planck and other physicists. But this system is incomplete. It is not a unit of the electricity. Unit of the electricity should be added to the natural units of the system. The solution of this problem is addressed in this article. This article presents a solution to another problem. This is problem of the connection between the units of length (m), mass (kg) and time (s). The fine structure constant is a solution to this problem. Keywords: nature, time, matter, atom (crupitsa) of matter, elementary electric charge, the fine structure constant, physical quantities, natural system of units, laws of nature ************************* Натуральная система единиц массы, длины и времени является уточнением планковской системы единиц. Натуральная система и является «естественной системой единиц измерения», поисками которой занимался М. Планк и другие физики. Но эта система неполна. В ней отсутствует единица электричества. Единица электричества должна быть добавлена в натуральную систему единиц. Решению этой проблемы и посвящена настоящая статья. Решение этой проблемы затрагивает проблему о соотношении единиц метра, килограмма и секунды. Удалось открыть закономерность, что в основе решения этой второй проблемы лежит постоянная тонкой структуры. Ключевые слова: природа, время, материя, крупица материи, электрический заряд, постоянная тонкой структуры, физическая величина, натуральная система единиц, законы природы
Category: Classical Physics

[11] viXra:1801.0236 [pdf] submitted on 2018-01-18 18:52:46

The Mystery of Time (Time and Its Duration)==///==Тайна времени (о времени и его длительности)

Authors: Robert Yusupov
Comments: 13 Pages. In Russian (please learn Russian) Robert Yusupov © The mystery of time (time and its duration)

In this paper we consider the time and duration as its essential attribute. Time is a fact of our existence. Nothing can exist outside of time. Time is a reality. Time is used everywhere in physics. Time as a physical quantity defined in physics. There is a standard unit of time second. However, the second and other possible standards of the time have not been used directly standard of duration. We do not know the actual time duration of our second and any time interval. But the original essence of time lies in its duration. But we somehow manage to ignore the duration of time. In the present paper the author's solution of a problem of duration of time is presented. Keywords: nature, time, duration of time, atom (crupitsa) of the matter, fine structure constant, physical quantity, natural system of units, laws of nature ********************* В настоящей статье рассматривается время и его неотъемлемый атрибут длительность. Время это факт нашего существования. Ничто не может существовать вне времени. Время это реальность. Время всюду используется в физике. Время, как физическая величина определена в физике. Есть эталон единицы времени секунда. Но этот и другие возможные эталоны времени не используют напрямую эталон длительности. Мы не знаем реальной длительности единицы нашего времени секунды и любого интервала времени. Но изначальная сущность времени заключена в его длительности. Но мы как-то умудряемся не замечать длительность времени. В настоящей статье представлено авторское решение проблемы длительности времени. Ключевые слова: природа, время, длительность времени, крупица материи, постоянная тонкой структуры, физическая величина, натуральная система единиц, законы природы
Category: Classical Physics

[10] viXra:1801.0231 [pdf] submitted on 2018-01-18 05:26:46

О зависимости физических величин массы, длины и времени (On the Dependence of Physical Quantities Mass, Length and Time)

Authors: Robert Yusupov
Comments: 22 Pages. In Russian (please learn Russian) Robert Yusupov © On the dependence of physical quantities mass, length and time

In this article the problem of natural physical quantities is considered. This issue was considered by many physicists. You can mention such names as George Stoney and Max Planck. The name of the latter in the physics associated with quantities of the so-called Planck mass, Planck length and Planck time. These quantities are good candidates for the natural unit of nature. On the other hand the physical quantities mass, length and time are considered as independent quantities in the theory of modern physics. The author made the assumption that these values are dependent. In nature, there is a very strong material unbreakable bond that connects them together. This is a fundamental law of nature. Having come to know this law, we will solve the problem of natural physical quantities. Keywords: nature, time, physical quantities, Planck quantities, natural system of units =================== В настоящей статье рассматривается проблема натуральных физических величин. Эта проблема рассматривалась многими физиками. Можно назвать такие имена, как Джордж Стони или Макс Планк. С именем последнего в физике связаны так называемые планковские величины массы, длины и времени. Эти величины являются кандидатами в натуральные единицы природы. С другой стороны физические величины масса, длина и время считаются независимыми величинами в теории современной физики. Автор сделал предположение, что эти величины зависимы. В природе есть очень прочная неразрывная материальная связь, которая соединяет их воедино. Это фундаментальный закон природы. Познав этот закон, мы решаем проблему натуральных физических величин. Ключевые слова: природа, время, физические величины, планковские величины, натуральная система единиц
Category: Classical Physics

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On the Matter as a Physical Quantity (О материи, как физической величине)

Authors: Robert Yusupov
Comments: 17 Pages. In Russian (please learn Russian) Robert Yusupov © On the matter as a physical quantity

In the present article the author considers a hypothetical object of modern physics as Planck elementary particle. But the author expresses confidence in its real existence. But this is more the refined Planck particle. Updates touched quantities such as the Planck mass, Planck length and Planck time. These clarifications are the consequence of the open law of the nature which states that the physical quantities mass, length and time are dependent quantities and the Planck momentum is the dimensionless physical quantity exactly equal to 1. Further progress in this direction leads us to an understanding of what matter and as matter specifically disclosed in the Planck particle. In article it is explained, how the concept of matter should be entered into a bosom of physics as the basic physical quantity. Keywords: nature, time, matter, particle of matter, physical quantities Planck values, natural system of units ******************** В настоящей статье рассматривается такой гипотетического объект современной физики, как планковская элементарная частица. Причём автор выражает уверенность в её реальном существовании. Но это несколько уточнённая планковская частица. Уточнения коснулись таких величин как планковская масса, планковская длина и планковское время. Эти уточнения являются следствием открытого закона природы, который гласит, что физические величины масса, длина и время являются зависимыми величинами и планковский импульс есть безразмерностная единица. Дальнейшее продвижение в этом направлении приводит нас к пониманию того, что такое материя и как материя конкретно представлена в планковской частице. В статье разъясняется, как понятие материя следует ввести в лоно физики в качестве основной физической величины. Ключевые слова: природа, время, материя, крупица материи, физические величины, планковские величины, натуральная система единиц
Category: Classical Physics

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Письмо в РАН /open Letter to the Ras

Authors: Robert Yusupov
Comments: 15 Pages. In Russian (please learn Russian) Robert Yusupov © Open Letter to the RAS

This letter was sent to the Russian Academy of Sciences (RAS) in November last year. The letter raises a question before the RAS about the "Theory of Nature" of the author. The author asks authoritative physicists and professionals to give their objective impartial conclusion on the "Theory of Nature", which the author defines and positions as a new materialistic physics and cosmology. "Theory of Nature" has existed exactly 6 years. "Theory of Nature" is a revolution in physics and cosmology. "The theory of nature" is a new physics, materialistic physics. "Theory of Nature" does not reject indiscriminately existing physics. From the standpoint of dialectical materialism and nature, the foundation of modern physics is being revised. It is known that in the foundation of modern physics there are seven basic physical quantities: mass, length, time, electric current, thermodynamic temperature, amount of substance, luminous intensity. Within the framework of the "Theory of Nature" it is shown and explained that as the basic physical quantities underlying the physics, it is enough to take two quantities, one of which must be matter. Thus naturally the matter should be entered into a bosom of physics as the base physical quantity. ============================== Это письмо было направлено в адрес РАН в ноябре прошлого года. В письме ставится вопрос перед ОФН РАН о «Теории Природы» автора. Автор просит авторитетных физиков, профессионалов дать своё объективное беспристрастное заключение по «Теории Природы», которую автор определяет и позиционирует, как новую материалистическую физику и космологию. «Теория Природы» существует уже ровно 6 лет. «Теория Природы» – это революция в физике и космологии. «Теория природы» – это новая физика, материалистическая физика. «Теория Природы» не отвергает огульно существующую физику. С позиций диалектического материализма и природы пересматривается фундамент современной физики. Известно, что в фундаменте современной физики лежат семь основных физических величин: масса, длина, время, сила тока, термодинамическая температура, количество вещества, сила света. В рамках «Теории Природы» показывается и разъясняется, что в качестве основных физических величин, лежащих в основании физики, достаточно взять две величины, одна из которых должна быть материей. При этом естественно материя должна быть введена в лоно физики в качестве основной физической величины.
Category: Classical Physics

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An Analytical Form of the Boscovich Curve with Applications

Authors: Augustus Prince
Comments: 51 Pages. work of Augustus Prince submitted by Roger Anderton and Bill Ryan

Using an analysis from a physical and phenomenological viewpoint employing the renowned and recognized continuity of Boscovich’s force curve, a new paradigm is formulated to explicate various physical phenomena in both the microworld and the macro-world. Within this paradigm, an algorithm is established which produced a functional representation of the atomic spectra of hydrogen and a temperature dependent blackbody energy distribution of radiation which compares very favorably with the experimental data. Further representations afford suggestions for the predictions of the specific heat of solids, photoelectric effect, etc. The Boscovichian points are assumed to move under the action of a force (acceleration) that varies inversely proportional to the cube of the radius from the point center, which leads to an orbit described by an equiangular (logarithmic) spiral. This spiral is subsequently used to simulate the concepts used in phyllotaxis (a constituent of plant morphology) and the gnomonic growth of mollusk shells (e.g. nautilus). The intercepts for the stable and unstable points on the Boscovich curve, which are the roots of the equation used, are calculated via the application of Fibonacci-type sequence of integers. In addition, utilizing the shape of Boscovich's "extended" curve of force (acceleration), the prospect of interpreting the mysterious attractive force beyond the visible Newtonian region of space (e.g. black holes, dark energy, etc.) is proposed. It is hoped that this phenomenological approach will serve as a beginning for description of both the micro-universe and the macrouniverse.
Category: Classical Physics

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Let the Wind Blow: Physics of Wave and Only Wave

Authors: Victor Christianto, Florentin Smarandache
Comments: 299 Pages. This book will be published by Pons Editions, Brussels. Your comments are welcome

This book is a compilation of some rather old papers and some new papers, by myself and also Prof. Florentin Smarandache. In some papers, we also join working with other colleagues, e.g. Dr. Volodymyr Krasnoholovets from IOP Ukraine, Sergey Ershkov, and Dr. Yunita Umniyati. This compilation is inspired from a series of prophetic seminars by Rev. Jan Friso from Kingdom Impact, and also a discussion with Minister Dr. Robby Chandra. All in all, we are also grateful to a number of colleagues, including Prof. Thee Houw Liong, Prof. Liek Wilardjo, Prof. Atmonobudi Soebagyo, Dr. David Widihandojo, Sujarwo Silas & Linda, Dr. Wonsuk Ma, Minister Gatut Budiyono, Minister Gani Wiyono, Dr. Yonky Karman, Dr. Joas Adiprasetya, Dr. Paskalis Edwin Nyoman Paska, Minister Yulia Oeniyati, Prof. Akira Kanda, Dr. Carmen Wrede, Mrs. Hiroko Morioka, Prof. Jose Carlos Tiago Oliveira and Prof. Gusto Gadama, and many others, who often encouraged and reminded us to keep on being faithful Christians in this darkness time. As a last note, we also thank to Holy Spirit who always guide us in our way, especially whenever we were lost of our path to find the truth. That is why this book with title: "Let The Wind blow" is dedicated to Holy Spirit. Let us pray that the Holy Spirit will be poured to everyone in our time, as prophesied by Joel, one of OT prophets.
Category: Classical Physics

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Authors: Nainan K. Varghese
Comments: 7 Pages. Originally published in General Science Journal

Abstract: Presently, ‘heat’ is understood as a type of energy and ‘heating’ as a process of transfer of energy. Energy, being ability to do work, is a quality and hence a functional entity. Functional entities have neither objective reality nor positive existence in space. Therefore, energy has neither form, nor structure, nor real existence. However, in contemporary physics, energy (an imaginary entity) is treated almost like a real entity with form, structure, objective reality with ability to transfer and can change forms. It is currently used as cause of actions, where no other cause is obvious. According to an alternative concept, presented in the book, ‘MATTER (Re-examined)’, energy is a functional entity that develops wherever and whenever work is done in association with a three-dimensional matter-body. Heating is a process of reducing three-dimensional matter-content level of a macro body. In any body, its 3D matter-content and work associated with its integrity and state are complimentary and support each other. 3D matter-content of a body is the quantity of matter it contains in the form of basic 3D matter-particles. Energy-content about a body is the strain developed, due to distortions (work-done), in universal medium about the body.
Category: Classical Physics

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Masses and Diameters of the Five Fundamental Particles

Authors: Robert Yusupov
Comments: 6 Pages. In Russian

In this paper we present a table of the values of the masses and diameters of the five fundamental particles (tau particle, neutron, proton, muon, electron) and the crupitsa (atom) of matter underlying all fundamental particles. These calculations are carried out in the framework of "Theory of Nature" by the author. The first version of the "Theory of Nature" was ready in May 2013. "Theory of Nature" is a revolutionary breakthrough in physics, and in our knowledge of nature and its fundamental laws.//======// В настоящей статье представлена таблица значений масс и диаметров пяти элементарных частиц (тау-частицы, нейтрона, протона, мюона, электрона) и крупицы материи, лежащей в основе всех элементарных частиц. Эти расчёты выполнены в рамках «Теории Природы» автора. Первая версия ТП была готова в мае 2013 года. «Теория Природы» - это революционный прорыв в физике, и в наших знаниях природы и её фундаментальных законов.
Category: Classical Physics

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"Geomagnetic Pole” Shift Should Reduce Inclination of Earth’s Orbit and Lunar Orbital Distance

Authors: Edgars Alksnis
Comments: 2 Pages.

„Geomagnetic pole” shift will weaken Earth’s vortex, this should reduce Earth’s orbital inclination. Orbital distance of the Moon might be also reduced. Сдвиг “геомагнитных полюсов” должен ослабить земной вихрь. Это должно привести к снижению орбитального наклона Земной орбиты а также к снижению величины орбитальной дистанции Луны.
Category: Classical Physics

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Turbulence as Structured Route of Energy from Order Into Chaos

Authors: Udo E. Steinemann
Comments: 12 Pages.

A contemptuous attempt to understand the phenomenon of turbulence dated back to a theory of L. F. RICHARDSON which later became enhanced by A. N. KOLMOGOROV. By the contents of this theory turbulence is considered as a transfer of energy taking place in forms of cascades between eddies of various orders of magnitude. The transfer becomes started by unspecified disturbance acting on eddies in forms of fibres and is further evaluated on account of their stretching. This principally can explain for eddies of various sizes being created in generations while energy is distributed along these generations from the largest eddies down to the smallest. But it is impossible to determine a specific structure of the cascade and its development in details. In order to step forward this way, this paper will show, when spinning spheres with surface-tension are models for the eddies and a specifically designed disturbance act on them, eddies of large size will decay in a cascade of hierarchically structured generations into smaller ones. The dynamics of this development is due to the balance between the acting force of the disturbance and the reaction due to sphere-tension on each eddy in a self-organisation mode. All eddies within one step of the hierarchy will obtain same size, life-time and rotation-phase, for follower-generations these quantities will be different in a definite way. Each predecessor-generation will double its number of eddies relative to its follower-generation, while each eddy partitions its rotation-energy for its followers and those will get increased their surface-energy by disturbance. Finally the whole cascade will form a structured route of energy from order into chaos similar to many other dynamical systems. By ⟨, "Final-State-Diagram of quadratic Iterator topologically equivalent with an Eddy's Decay-Cascade in turbulent Fluids" publisher Udo E. Steinemann ( category: Physics, Classical Physics, 1809[23])⟩ an addendum has been provided for this text. It was intended to put out the decay-cascade of an eddy as a further example for routes from order into chaos observed together with dynamical systems.
Category: Classical Physics

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Gravity Mechanism and the Source of All Fundamentals.

Authors: Durgadas Datta.
Comments: 4 Pages. Helps us to understand our universe and the laws of creation.

Category: Classical Physics