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1808 Submissions

[4] viXra:1808.0106 [pdf] submitted on 2018-08-08 19:17:13

Unusual Rocket and Propulsion

Authors: Alexander Bolonkin
Comments: 10 Pages. I re-convert in PDF. It is OK now and I am sending again

Conventional modern rocket has existed for more than a half century. However, there has been little or no significant progress in their basic data. They are very exceedingly complex and generally very expensive to build. Designers ordinarily try to improve them by simplifying in order to reduce the cost payload launches. They try to use the first stagy of rocket sometimes, because the rocket engine and body are expensive. But no significant success. The author offers a new type of rocket which does not have the usual rocket body and engine (only open solid rocket fuel). This new rocket is cheap to fabricate, may be switched on and switched off many times and has specific impulse more than conventional solid fuel engine (i.e., close to liquid fuel). One can be used for launch as well as vector correcting rocket. This method is particularly suitable for micro-spacecraft (up to 1 kg). It allows to reduce the launch weight of the rocket to 50 ÷ 1000 kg.
Category: Classical Physics

[3] viXra:1808.0103 [pdf] submitted on 2018-08-09 02:35:18

Fundamentals of Dialectical-Materialistic Physics \\\\\ Основы диалектико-материалистической физики

Authors: Robert Yusupov
Comments: 78 Pages. In Russian (please learn Russian) Robert Yusupov <©> Fundamentals of Dialectical-Materialistic Physics AUG 9, 2018

In this article I present an axiomatic construction of the foundations of physics. This construction is based on the fundamental concept of matter. Nature is basically material. This means that all the bodies and objects of nature are of matter in the final analysis. Matter is the basis, essence and the only substance of nature. Matter is the content of elementary particles in nature. But in this case matter is the basic property of elementary particles. Hence, this property can be represented in physics in the form of a physical quantity matter. It is this situation that prompts us how to introduce matter into the bosom of physics as the main physical quantity. The author is a dialectical materialist. It was Marxist-Leninist philosophy (MLF) and its main section of dialectical materialism that were the starting point and the foundation for the creation of the foundations of the dialectical-materialistic physics. These foundations are presented in this article. ++++++++++++++++++++++++ В настоящей статье представлено аксиоматическое построение основ физики. Это построение основывается на фундаментальном понятии материя. Природа в своей основе материальна. Это значит, что все тела, вещи, предметы и объекты природы состоят, в конечном счёте, из материи. Материя есть основа, сущность и единственная субстанция природы. Материя есть содержимое элементарных частиц в природе. Но в таком случае материя есть основное свойство элементарных частиц. Значит, это свойство можно представить в физике в виде физической величины «материя». Именно эта ситуация и подсказывает нам, как следует ввести материю в лоно физики в качестве основной физической величины. Автор является диалектическим материалистом. Именно марксистско-ленинская философия (МЛФ) и её основной раздел – диалектический материализм явились отравным пунктом, стартовой позицией и фундаментом в деле создания основ диалектико-материалистической физики. Эти основы представлены в настоящей статье.
Category: Classical Physics

[2] viXra:1808.0085 [pdf] submitted on 2018-08-08 01:20:01

Hidden Truth of Free Fall Experiment

Authors: Cres Huang
Comments: 8 Pages.

Free fall experiment has been performed countless times for centuries. However, many facts were overlooked. A simple experiment since Galileo tells more than just gravity. Everyone can do it experiment will not catch much serious attention. Dishing up the same old stuff of few hounded years might seemed child's play to some. However, many fundamentals of the universe are revealed if looked closer. Significant facts can be overlooked, ignored, or misinterpreted when we rush forward. %Ambiguous and paradoxical interpretations of fundamentals could be roadblock left. Nevertheless, free fall experiments reveal: 1. Gravity is a force. 2. Free fall is an action powered by gravity. 3. Gravity contradicts attraction force. It acts exactly like contact force. 4. The infinite independence of space.
Category: Classical Physics

[1] viXra:1808.0009 [pdf] submitted on 2018-08-02 00:02:43

Sabotage of Academicians \\\\\\ Саботаж академиков

Authors: Robert Yusupov
Comments: 42 Pages. In Russian (please learn Russian) Robert Yusupov <©> Sabotage of Academicians Aug 2, 2018

Речь в настоящей статье идёт о «Теории Природы» автора, которой исполнилось уже 6 лет. «Теория Природы» – это комплексное решение проблемы нашей Вселенной. Это решение найдено на платформе диалектического материализма. Установлено конкретное проявление материи в природе. Это Сингулярность – излучающий материю центр Вселенной. И это – элементарные частицы. Содержимое элементарных частиц есть материя, «чистая» материя природы. Материя, как свойство элементарных частиц, вводится в лоно физики в качестве основной физической величины. Основание физики перестраивается на материалистический лад, уклад. Но так и должно быть, ведь материя – это основа, сущность, единственная субстанция природы. «Теория Природы» = это новая материалистическая физика и космология. Вот против этой физики и выступает объединённый фронт сил реакции и мракобесия. И в одном ряду с этими силами партия физиков во главе с академиками и профессорами. То, как эта партия противостоит новому, прогрессивному, противостоит и противодействует «Теории Природы» есть проявление настоящего саботажа, саботажа академиков против всего общества. Об этом противостоянии партии академиков и профессоров современной физики против «Теории Природы» и её достижений и открытий, о противостоянии в форме саботажа и будет идти речь в настоящей статье. +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ This article is about the "Theory of Nature" by the author, who turned 6 years old. "Theory of Nature" is a complex solution to the problem of our Universe. This solution is found on the platform of dialectical materialism. A concrete manifestation of matter in nature has been established. This Singularity is the center of our Universe that radiates matter. And these are elementary particles. The content of elementary particles is matter, the "pure" matter of nature. Matter, as a property of elementary particles, is introduced into the bosom of physics as the main physical quantity. The foundation of physics is reconstructed into a materialistic mode, a way of life. But it should be so, because matter is the basis, essence, the only substance of nature. "Theory of Nature" = this is a new materialistic physics and cosmology. Here, against this materialistic physics, is the united front of reaction forces and obscurantism. And alongside these forces is a party of physicists, headed by academicians and professors. The way this party opposes the new, progressive, confronts and counteracts the "Theory of Nature" is a manifestation of real sabotage, sabotage of academics against the whole society. This opposition of the party of academics and professors of modern physics against the "Theory of Nature" and its achievements and discoveries, about confrontation in the form of sabotage will be discussed in this article.
Category: Classical Physics