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[1] viXra:1104.0013 [pdf] submitted on 5 Apr 2011

Summary of Anti-Greenhouse Co2 Evidence from Noaa, Spencer, et Al.

Authors: Nigel B. Cook
Comments: 8 pages.

The IPCC "positive feedback" models falsely assume that all water vapour amplifies temperature rises from CO2 by a factor of2 (instead of cancelling them out), which amounts to falsely claiming the extra sunlight-heated water vapour evaporating from oceans contravenes the law of buoyancy and doesn't rise to form sunlight-reflecting condensed water droplet clouds, which cool the surface underneath. This increase in "natural" cloud cover (global dimming) due to the buoyancy of sunlight-warmed humid air, totally cancels out the CO2 AGW "greenhouse effect"
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