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[2] viXra:1502.0224 [pdf] submitted on 2015-02-25 08:54:54

Correction of the Nilometer Measurements

Authors: Dimitris Poulos
Comments: 2 Pages.

As the Nilometer at Rhoda Island is sinking over time, it's measurements have been corrected to depict the true water level of the river Nile.
Category: Climate Research

[1] viXra:1502.0053 [pdf] submitted on 2015-02-06 23:02:10

A Note on Shannon Entropy and Temperature of the Earth: or How Information Can Affect the Climate

Authors: Victor Christianto
Comments: 7 Pages. This is a rough draft of paper, not yet submitted to any journal. Your comments are welcome

The sunspot data seems to indicate that the Sun is likely to enter Maunder Minimum, then it will mean that low Sun activity may cause low temperature in Earth. If this happens then it will cause a phenomenon which is called by some climatology experts as “The Little Ice Age” for the next 20-30 years, starting from this year (2015). Therefore, the Earth climate in the coming years tend to be cooler than before. This phenomenon then causes us to ask: what can we do as human being in Earth to postpone or avoid the worsening situation in terms of Earth cooling temperature in the coming years? I think this is a pressing problem for the real and present danger that we are facing in the Earth. What I am suggesting in this paper is that perhaps it is possible to model Sun-Earth interaction in terms of Shannon entropy. Since Shannon entropy can be expressed as bit of information, then it would mean that perhaps we can do something with Earth temperature by controlling the amount of information transfer and storage in the Earth.
Category: Climate Research