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Relation Between Co2, Global Temperature and Energy Consumption

Authors: Sjaak Uitterdijk
Comments: 8 Pages. in version 2 remarks about "living room" model have been deleted

The reason for the present study is the surprising observation of measurements showing that the increase in global temperature is, over a period of already 150 years, equal to 0,135 °C together with an increase in CO2 concentration in the atmosphere of 20 ppm, at each increase of the world population with 1 billion. So regardless of the explosively increasing industrialization in the past 50 years. The study indicates where, in the substance of the case, the cause for this apparent contradiction can be found, but does not explain the remarkably precise constant ratio over those 150 years. It brings a different, striking precisely, relation upwards: the one between the increase in worldwide energy consumption by mankind and the increase in global temperature. The article closes with the conclusion that the climate problem is a symptom of the world population problem.
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