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[2] viXra:1711.0142 [pdf] submitted on 2017-11-04 14:41:13

Hurricane/tornado Theory is Wrong

Authors: Edgars Alksnis
Comments: 9 Pages.

Due to wrong natural philosophy scientists scratch only surface of hurricane and tornado phenomena. Critique of mainstream science and some considerations which result from application of DesCartes philosophy in astrogeophysics are given.
Category: Climate Research

[1] viXra:1711.0132 [pdf] replaced on 2019-03-30 04:03:43

Greenhouse Model is Incorrect But Climate Problem Remains

Authors: Sjaak Uitterdijk
Comments: 7 Pages. Title, abstract and content have been changed fundamentally in version 2

In this article it is demonstrated, given the calculated heat capacity of the atmosphere, that the heat released from the worldwide energy consumed is more than sufficient to achieve the measured increase in the global temperature. If the same calculation method were applied to the alleged net radiation density due to the greenhouse effect, the global temperature would have risen by 15 C0.
Category: Climate Research