Combinatorics and Graph Theory

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Mathematical Combinatorics, Book Series, Vol. 2, 2015

Authors: editor Linfan Mao
Comments: 152 Pages.

There are 11 papers in this volume. Paper 1: Mathematics After CC Conjecture - Combinatorial Notions and Achievements, is a report of mine on the International Conference on Combinatorics, Graph Theory, Topology and Geometry, January 29-31, 2015, Shanghai, P. R. China, including Smarandache systems, Smarandache geometries. Paper 2: Timelike-Spacelike Mannheim Pair Curves Spherical Indicators Geodesic Curvatures and Natural Lifts, a paper on "pair curves". Paper 3: Smarandache-R-Module and Mcrita Context. Paper 4: Generalized Vertex Induced Connected Subsets of a Graph. Paper 5: b-Chromatic Number of Splitting Graph of Wheel. Paper 6: Eccentric Connectivity and Connective Eccentric Indices. Paper 7: The Moving Coordinate System and Euler-Savary’s Formula. Paper 8: Laplacian Energy of Binary Labeled Graph. Paper 9; Smarandachely total mean cordial labeling, Total Mean Cordial Labeling of Graphs. Paper 10: Number of Regions in Simple Connected Graph. Paper 11: Directed Paths.
Category: Combinatorics and Graph Theory