Combinatorics and Graph Theory

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[1] viXra:1612.0248 [pdf] submitted on 2016-12-14 10:54:53

Decision-Making Method based on Neutrosophic Soft Expert Graphs

Authors: Vakkas Uluçay, Mehmet Şahin, Said Broumi, Assia Bakali, Mohamed Talea, Florentin Smarandache
Comments: 30 Pages. this article is submited to an elsevier journal

In this paper, we first define the concept of neutrosophic soft expert graph. We have established a link between graphs and neutrosophic soft expert sets. Basic operations of neutrosophic soft expert graphs such as union, intersection and complement are defined here. The concept of neutrosophic soft expert soft graph is also discussed in this paper. The new concept is called neutrosophic soft expert graph-based multi-criteria decision making method (NSEGMCDM for short). Finally, an illustrative example is given and a comparison analysis is conducted between the proposed approach and other existing methods, to verify the feasibility and effectiveness of the developed approach.
Category: Combinatorics and Graph Theory