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[4] viXra:1712.0534 [pdf] submitted on 2017-12-20 12:31:14

Horizontal Planar Motion Mechanism (HPMM) Incorporated to the Existing Towing Carriage for Ship Manoeuvring Studies

Authors: Kunal Tiwari, Akhil Balagopalan, P. Krishnankutty
Comments: 6 Pages. Proceedings of the RINA 5th International Conference on Ship and Offshore Technology (ICSOT 2017); December 7-8, 2017, IIT Kharagpur, India. pp 421-426

Planar Motion Mechanism (PMM) equipment is a facility generally attached with Towing Tank to perform experimental studies with ship models to determine the manoeuvring characteristics of a ship. Ship model is oscillated at prescribed amplitude and frequency in different modes of operation while it is towed along the towing tank at predefined speed.The hydrodynamic forces and moments are recorded, analyzed and processed to get the hydrodynamic derivatives appearing in the manoeuvring equations of motion of a ship. This paper presents the details about the Horizontal Planar Motion Mechanism (HPMM) equipment which is designed, developed and installed in Towing Tank laboratory at IIT Madras.
Category: Digital Signal Processing

[3] viXra:1712.0453 [pdf] submitted on 2017-12-15 00:25:18

How Many Shots Were Fired on 22. November 1963 in Dealey Plaza?

Authors: Jorma Jormakka
Comments: 14 Pages.

This article is continuation to my previous article on the acoustic evidence of the assassination of President John. F. Kennedy. Four putative gunshots are identified from Dictabelt data, they are matched to the Zapruder film, and a fifth shot is postulated because of the Zapruder film. Finally echo correlation analysis is performed. It is only suggestive because data is too noisy, but agrees with what can be expected by other arguments.
Category: Digital Signal Processing

[2] viXra:1712.0438 [pdf] submitted on 2017-12-13 12:18:00

Smart Irrigation :Iot Based Irrigation Monitoring System

Authors: Shaif Chowdhury, Soummyo Priyo Chattopadhyay, Avijit Ghose
Comments: 6 Pages.

The project aims at autonomous monitoring of irrigation system in both large and small scale plantation estates with a view to eradicating the manual system which involves personal liability concerns and the ignorance of the field workers. Even sometimes the experienced people cannot assure how much fertilizers or water must be used for the maximum yield. Hence our system will monitor the temperature, humidity, moisture content of the soil and other physical factors like presence of major pollutants in air like PM2.5, PM10, CO,NOx etc. The factors and the crop yield are compared with dataset of past surveys and will try to predict is irrigation is necessary or not. With the help of this information, the rate of releasing water from pumps is decided and fed to a microcontroller system which supervises and controls the whole irrigation system. Besides, there is also provision to monitor plant growth both in longitudinally and horizontally.
Category: Digital Signal Processing

[1] viXra:1712.0245 [pdf] replaced on 2017-12-15 00:19:55

Was the J. F. Kennedy Assassination a Conspiracy?

Authors: Jorma Jormakka
Comments: 10 Pages. Typos corrected.

In the year 2001 Donald B. Thomas published in the journal Science&Justice an article where the acoustic evidence in the J. F. Kennedy assassination case was re-evaluated. Two later articles rebutted the claims of Thomas. In this article it is shown that while the synchronization points used by Thomas are not confirmed by the present study, the main conclusion of Thomas is correct: the earlier synchronization was invalid. The article shows that signals that were claimed to be crosstalk have apparently been manipulated by signal processing methods.
Category: Digital Signal Processing