Digital Signal Processing

1902 Submissions

[4] viXra:1902.0500 [pdf] submitted on 2019-02-28 09:20:02

Average Modeling of Fly-Buck Converter

Authors: Denys I. Zaikin, Simon L. Mikkelsen, Stig Jonasen, Konstantin Sirenko
Comments: 4 Pages. Preliminary version. To be improved in the nearest future.

This document presents an average macro model for the fly-buck converter. The model can be used for both large and small signal modeling. Parasitic and lossy components are included in the model, and it is partially based on a conventional average switch model for a buck stage. For isolated output, the analytic solution of the average current in a secondary winding is proposed. The presented model is implemented in SPICE, and simulation results are compared to switching model simulation and experimental data.
Category: Digital Signal Processing

[3] viXra:1902.0458 [pdf] submitted on 2019-02-26 12:19:20

New Material for Secure Computing

Authors: George Rajna
Comments: 76 Pages.

Reporting today in the journal Nature, a team of physicists and engineers led by University of Texas at Austin physics professor Xiaoqin Elaine Li report they have created a material with light-emitting properties that might enable hack-proof communications, guaranteed by the laws of quantum mechanics. [44] Future technologies based on the principles of quantum mechanics could revolutionize information technology. But to realize the devices of tomorrow, today's physicists must develop precise and reliable platforms to trap and manipulate quantum-mechanical particles. [43]
Category: Digital Signal Processing

[2] viXra:1902.0158 [pdf] submitted on 2019-02-09 00:13:06

Process Algebra/ccs/est to Probe Smart Devices & Iot Communications a Simple Suggestion on Using Est in Smart Devices/iot Informatics Domains.

Authors: Nirmal Tej Kumar
Comments: 3 Pages. Short Communication & Technical Notes

Process Algebra/CCS/EST - To Probe Smart Devices & IoT- Communications A Simple Suggestion on Using EST in Smart Devices/IoT- informatics Domains.
Category: Digital Signal Processing

[1] viXra:1902.0135 [pdf] submitted on 2019-02-08 03:12:09

Emerging NUI-based Methods for User Authentication: A New Taxonomy and Survey

Authors: Napa Sae-Bae, Jonathan Wu, Nasir Memon, Janusz Konrad, Prakash Ishwar
Comments: 28 Pages.

As the convenience and cost benefits of Natural User Interface (NUI) technologies are hastening their wide adoption, computing devices equipped with such interfaces are becoming ubiquitous. Used for a broad range of applications, from accessing email and bank accounts to home automation and interacting with a healthcare provider, such devices require, more than ever before, a secure yet convenient user authentication mechanism. This paper introduces a new taxonomy and presents a survey of “point-of-entry” user-device authentication mechanisms that employ a natural user interaction. The taxonomy allows a grouping of the surveyed techniques based on the sensor type used to capture user input, the actuator a user applies during interaction, and the credential type used for authentication. A set of security and usability evaluation criteria are then proposed based on the Bonneau, Herley, Van Oorschot and Stajano framework. An analysis of a selection of techniques and, more importantly, the broader taxonomy elements they belong to, based on these evaluation criteria, are provided. This analysis and taxonomy provide a framework for the comparison of different authentication alternatives given an application and a targeted threat model. Similarly, the taxonomy and analysis also offer insights into possibly unexplored, yet potentially rewarding, research avenues for NUI-based user authentication that could be explored.
Category: Digital Signal Processing