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The Trickle up Effect: a Collection of Economic and Scientific Papers

Authors: Florentin Smarandache, Victor Christianto
Comments: 114 Pages. This book is not yet published. Comments and suggestions are welcome, send your comment to

This book consists of a number of economics, mathematics, and scientific papers, covering different subjects, from global corporate control to cosmology issues. Hopefully the readers will find some interesting discussions in this collection. The trickle-up effect is defined here as a reverse process from the ‘expected’ trickle-down effect, a well known effect which is supposed to happen during development process. According to an article in the Center of Progressive Economics: “Libertarians contend that the prosperity generated at the top of the economic latter will trickle down to everyone else.” But the problem with pure laissez-faire economics is that the wealth generated at the top does not trickle down to the rest of society to a sufficient extent.
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