1010 Submissions

[5] viXra:1010.0060 [pdf] submitted on 28 Oct 2010

Let's Flying by Wing

Authors: Linfan Mao
Comments: 83 pages, in Chinese

Mathematical Combinatorics & Smarandache Multi-Spaces
Category: Geometry

[4] viXra:1010.0055 [pdf] submitted on 20 Mar 2010

Generalization of the Theorem of Menelaus Using a Self-Recurrent Method

Authors: Florentin Smarandache
Comments: 3 pages

This generalization of the Theorem of Menelaus from a triangle to a polygon with n sides is proven by a self-recurrent method which uses the induction procedure and the Theorem of Menelaus itself.
Category: Geometry

[3] viXra:1010.0050 [pdf] submitted on 20 Mar 2010

Limits of Recursive Triangle and Polygon Tunnels

Authors: Florentin Smarandache
Comments: 5 pages

In this paper we present unsolved problems that involve infinite tunnels of recursive triangles or recursive polygons, either in a decreasing or in an increasing way. The "nedians or order i in a triangle" are generalized to "nedians of ratio r" and "nedians of angle α" or "nedians at angle β", and afterwards one considers their corresponding "nedian triangles" and "nedian polygons". This tunneling idea came from physics.
Category: Geometry

[2] viXra:1010.0038 [pdf] submitted on 25 Oct 2010

Two Applications of Desargues' Theorem

Authors: Florentin Smarandache, Ion Pătraşcu
Comments: 6 pages

In this article we will use the Desargues' theorem and its reciprocal to solve two problems.
Category: Geometry

[1] viXra:1010.0008 [pdf] submitted on 4 Oct 2010

Two Triangles with the Same Orthocenter and a Vectorial Proof of Stevanovic's Theorem

Authors: Ion Pătraşcu, Florentin Smarandache
Comments: 4 pages

In this article we'll emphasize on two triangles and provide a vectorial proof of the fact that these triangles have the same orthocenter. This proof will, further allow us to develop a vectorial proof of the Stevanovic's theorem relative to the orthocenter of the Fuhrmann's triangle.
Category: Geometry