1110 Submissions

[2] viXra:1110.0072 [pdf] submitted on 28 Oct 2011

The Hyperbolic Smarandache Theorem in the Poincaré Upper Half-Plane Model of Hyperbolic Geometry

Authors: Nilgün Sönmez, Catalin Barbu
Comments: 4 pages.

In this study, we give a hyperbolic version of the Smarandache's theorem in the Poincaré upper half-plane model.
Category: Geometry

[1] viXra:1110.0066 [pdf] submitted on 25 Oct 2011

Smaransache Multi-Space Theory

Authors: Linfan Mao
Comments: 377 pages

Our WORLD is a multiple one both shown by the natural world and human beings. For example, the observation enables one knowing that there are infinite planets in the universe. Each of them revolves on its own axis and has its own seasons. In the human society, these rich or poor, big or small countries appear and each of them has its own system. All of these show that our WORLD is not in homogenous but in multiple. Besides, all things that one can acknowledge is determined by his eyes, or ears, or nose, or tongue, or body or passions, i.e., these six organs, which means theWORLD consists of have and not have parts for human beings. For thousands years, human being has never stopped his steps for exploring its behaviors of all kinds.
Category: Geometry