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A Circle Without Pi

Authors: O. V. Vijimo
Comments: 50 Pages.

This paper provides the proof of invalidity of the most fundamental constant known to mankind. Imagining a circle without "pi" is simply unthinkable but it’s going to be a reality very soon. "pi" is not a true circle constant and the value associated with it is also in error. This paper explores this idea and proposes a new constant in the process which gives the correct measure of a circle. It is given by "tau". The exact value of "tau" is also determined. As a result, it redefines the area of the circle. The circle area currently accounted is wrong and therefore needs correction. This has serious implications for science. I have also discovered the fundamental geometrical ratio b/w a circle and a square in which it’s inscribed and have also discovered a new circle formula. This paper makes this strong case with less ambiguity.
Category: Geometry

[1] viXra:1308.0076 [pdf] submitted on 2013-08-15 05:36:22

On the Fifth Euclidean Postulate

Authors: S.Kalimuthu
Comments: 3 Pages. NA

Matrices and determinants are widely used to solve problems in electronics, statics , robotics , linear programming , optimization , intersections of planes , genetics, physics , cosmology and all other areas of science and engineering. In this work, we attempt to deduce E5 from E1 to E4 by applying determinants.
Category: Geometry