1902 Submissions

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From Hilbert to Dilbert: a Non-Orthodox Approach to Gravitation, Psychosynthesis, Economics, Cosmology and Other Issues

Authors: Victor Christianto, Florentin Smarandache, Robert Neil Boyd, Yunita Umniyati, Daniel Chandra
Comments: 208 Pages. This book has been published by Divine Publisher. Your comments are welcome

This book took an unconventional theme because we submit an unorthodox theme too. Karl Popper’s epistemology suggests that when the theory is refuted by observation, then it is time to look for a set of new approaches. In the first chapter, it is shown that Hilbert’s axiomatic program has failed not only by experiment (Mie theory does not agree with experiment) but also in terms of logic (Gödel theorem). Therefore we set out a new approach, starting from an old theory of Isaac Newton. Dilbert cartoon series often offer surprising for old problems, especially in this era of corporatocracy. Now we would call such an out-of-the-box solution to the old Hilbert axiomatic program as Dilbert way (or Dilbertian, if you wish). Readers may ask : but what can physicists learn from Dilbert cartoons? While it seems not obvious at first glance, yes we believe there is a great character of Dilbert cartoon, i.e. to put it in one phrase: “out-of-the box and brutally honest.” We do think that such a brutal honesty is also needed in many fields of physics: from theoretical physics to applied physics, as will be discussed throughout this book.
Category: Geophysics

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Completing the Slichter Triplet

Authors: Herbert Weidner
Comments: 5 Pages.

Following the discovery of a spectral line with an unusually high quality factor, exactly two other lines with comparable characteristics were found in the frequency range 45 to 130 μHz. Maybe it is the desired Slichter triplett.
Category: Geophysics