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[1] viXra:1105.0036 [pdf] submitted on 24 May 2011

The World "Axis of Good" (2005) (Pra-Centenary of Special Relativity)

Authors: V.V. Demjanov
Comments: 4 pages.

This note was written in 2005, just after the hundredth anniversary of special relativity, on the occasion of the following event. A report has appeared in press that "the American space-lab telescope Wmap detected in the Universe a symmetry axis of the angular distribution of the relict background microwave radiation". It is hard to imagine a "better gift" to the centenary of SRT. Proponents of SRT (which are the most people among scientists) immediately titled this discovery "The Axis of Evil", since it wrecks their notions that there is no absolute reference frame in the World. Such reference pegs turns out to exist and not only in outer space but in each ordinary Earth's laboratory. It is this that I inform about the readers of this note, in case if they know nothing about it.
Category: History and Philosophy of Physics