History and Philosophy of Physics

1806 Submissions

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About Twenty New Ideas of Theoretical Physics

Authors: Ratikanta Das
Comments: Two pages

Out of twenty new ideas as mentioned below and described in author’s article ‘A Non-standard Model of Physics’ (available at vixra.org/abs/1806.0197), first three are fundamental assumptions of the new model- a four dimensional model that can explain or interpret successfully a good number of fundamental laws, puzzles or phenomena of modern physics. These explanations and interpretations, supported by large number of intuitive ideas, must not be regarded as accidental coincidences and we have to think a lot before accepting or discarding this new model which is much different from other models due to presence of extra space dimension.
Category: History and Philosophy of Physics

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Body and Soul in Physics

Authors: Kiyoung Kim
Comments: 17 Pages.

What is the nature of mind? This question has been asked for a long time, maybe, since the beginning of human history on Earth. It is about what is the reality of mind and how it is connected to physical body. Being interpreted with new paradigm of physics, in which physical phenomena is not complete by itself but connected to ontological reality of nature or essential nature behind all physical phenomena, the human mind is not just a mental process originated in physical body, but it is also being connected to ontological body and making it interact with the physical body. Here, the ontological body should be the soul or spirit of human being that has been considered as something supernatural. In philosophical term, it corresponds to physicalism that is ontological monism including physical energy in materialism. New type of physical interaction, subtle-spin-string wave interaction, is proposed to explain the physical process of quantum entanglement. Moreover, with the new type of physical interaction, subtle energy is also explained what it is and how it works with physical body, in which the subtle energy has been mentioned for a long time in many fields such as oriental medicine, acupuncture, meditations, etc.; nevertheless, it has been regarded as a pseudoscience in scientific consensus.
Category: History and Philosophy of Physics

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Nonconstructive Infinity

Authors: Robert Yusupov
Comments: 8 Pages. In Russian (please learn Russian) Robert Yusupov <©> Nonconstructive Infinity June 14, 2018

Поговорим о бесконечности. Понятие бесконечности используется, например, в математике. Это очень продуктивное и результативное использование. Много замечательных открытий и выводов сделано в математике с помощью понятия бесконечность. Если же мы обратим наш взор на природу, то глядя в ночное звёздное небо к нам приходят мысли о бесконечности и вечности Вселенной и природы. Эти первые впечатления и мысли о бескрайности и вечности мироздания, природы человек переносит на своё понимание природы. Человек, большинство людей так и воспринимают природу и нашу Вселенную, как бесконечную в пространстве и вечную во времени. Пространство Вселенной, природы бесконечно, неограниченно, а существование Вселенной, природы вечно – вот вывод, которым довольствуются многие люди. ---------------+++++++++++++------------- Let's talk about infinity. The notion of infinity is used, for example, in mathematics. This is a very productive use. Many remarkable discoveries and conclusions have been made in mathematics with the help of the concept of infinity. If we turn our gaze to nature, then looking at the night starry sky, we come to the thought of the infinity and eternity of the universe and nature. These first impressions and thoughts about the vastness and eternity of the universe, nature, people endure on their understanding of nature. Man, most people perceive nature and our Universe as infinite in space and eternal in time. The space of the universe, of nature is infinite, unlimited, and the existence of the universe, of nature is eternal - this is the conclusion that many people are content with.
Category: History and Philosophy of Physics

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A Non-standard Model of Physics

Authors: Ratikanta Das
Comments: 20 pages

This new model, which is quite different from standard model of physics, asserts that our universe is four dimensional created by two kinds of four dimensional (4D) hyper spherical particles and every object in universe moves as wave due to local transverse motion of these 4D particles. The new model supports an alternate cosmology quite different from ‘The hypothesis of expanding universe with big bang origin’. Everyone will be surprised to know that theories and equations obtained from this new cosmology are able to give simple explanations of many puzzles of physics such as: internal structure of fundamental particle, origin of mass, origin of charge, origin of strong force, wave- particle duality of matter and radiation and some others. Our new model stands on classical mechanics, but it supports quantum mechanics by deriving Schrödinger equation and de Broglie hypothesis. The model also describes a four dimensional classical technique (named as spiral transformation) for conversion of radiation into matter and vice versa. According to our new model fundamental particles are created when four dimensional space deforms locally and equal magnitude of charges of fundamental particles is due to their similar shape. The model also gives an expression for unified Coulomb and strong force. It explains why electron-positron pair annihilates but electron-proton pair forms a stable combination and why n-n or p-p combination is unstable in spite of strong attractive force but n-p combination (deuteron) is stable.
Category: History and Philosophy of Physics

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Authors: Durgadas Datta.
Comments: 2 Pages. FOR KIND PERUSAL.

Category: History and Philosophy of Physics

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Infinite Loop Density Cycle

Authors: Eugenio Ullauri
Comments: 3 Pages.

This is a theory of everything i created a couple of years ago and it explains how the universe works in a complete and coherent way, this is my original idea.
Category: History and Philosophy of Physics