History and Philosophy of Physics

1810 Submissions

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Reinterpreting the Universe as Systems with a Single Programmatic Intent to Preserve Structure.

Authors: Tariq Khan
Comments: 8 Pages.

A pattern appears to exist in the Universe based on a foundational and simple rule. It is possible that every aspect of our reality of objects and processes can be interpreted as systems with an apparent intent to preserve structure - as physical form or as information. We can see this fundamental principle or rule at various levels in a structural hierarchy of complexity in our Universe increasing from the traits of consistency and fecundity, at the smallest of scales, to traits of diversity and consolidation, and then to optimizations in time, memory, resiliency, and redundancy amidst scarcity and competition and finally culminating, in the “use” of minds and “aggregate minds as agents” ultimately to preserve structure as concepts as information in mental ideas.
Category: History and Philosophy of Physics

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Physics Renovation

Authors: Georgina Woodward
Comments: 81 Pages.

An abbreviated collection of work solving many puzzles of physics. In particular identifying category error in Relativity, the light clock argument and Quantum physics. The need for correct differentiation of different categories. Dispelling the paradoxes of relativity and the puzzle of supposed differences between the quantum and macroscopic scale.
Category: History and Philosophy of Physics

[1] viXra:1810.0064 [pdf] submitted on 2018-10-06 03:32:08

Word in the Defense of Dialectical Materialism \\\ Слово в защиту диалектического материализма

Authors: Robert Yusupov
Comments: 24 Pages. In Russian (please learn Russian) Robert Yusupov <©> Word in the Defense of Dialectical Materialism OCT 6, 2018

In the early 1990s, a bourgeois counter-revolutionary coup took place in the USSR in the first socialist country. In its progressive development, the country stopped and was thrown back for several decades. The bourgeoisie came to power in the country. An enormous blow was struck to all the healthy forces of society on the entire Soviet people. The people fell into capitalist slavery. The school of dialectical materialism was destroyed. Idealism became the state philosophy. The philosophy of idealism sees its main task as the philosophical justification of the anti-popular bourgeois system. Although the school of dialectical materialism suffered considerable damage and it suffered great losses, it was not possible to destroy the philosophy of dialectical materialism itself. No one can do it. Dialectical materialism is the philosophy of nature itself, and no one can destroy nature. This article highlights some of the problems of the foundations of the nature, the Universe, physics, which were solved solely on the foundations of the philosophy of dialectical materialism. Keywords: Marxist-Leninist philosophy, dialectical materialism, matter, time, Universe, physics. +++++++++++++++++++++ В начале 90-ых годов XX века в СССР в первой социалистической стране произошёл буржуазный контрреволюционный переворот. Страна в своём поступательном развитии остановилась и была отброшена назад на несколько десятилетий, К власти в стране пришла буржуазия. Был нанесён колоссальный удар по всем здоровым силам общества по всему советскому народу. Народ попал в капиталистическое рабство. Была уничтожена школа диалектического материализма. Государственной философией стал идеализм. Философия идеализма основной своей задачей видит философское оправдание антинародного буржуазного строя. Хотя школе диалектического материализма был нанесён значительный урон и она понесла большие потери, саму философию диалектического материализма уничтожить не удалось. Да это и не в силах никто сделать. Диалектический материализм – это есть философия самой природы, а природу никому не дано уничтожить. В настоящей статье освещаются некоторые проблемы основ мироздания, природы, физики, которые удалось решить исключительно на фундаменте философии диалектического материализма. Ключевые слова: марксистско-ленинская философия, диалектический материализм, материя, время, Вселенная, физика.
Category: History and Philosophy of Physics