1808 Submissions

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Brahmi Aksharas, Alphabet and the Genetic Code

Authors: Sai Venkatesh Balasubramanian
Comments: 32 Pages.

This article explores the derivation of Phoenician and other alphabets from the Brahmi Aksharas. The 22 letters of the alphabet remarkably match the 22 DNA codons generating various amino acids.
Category: Linguistics

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Indian History: A Narrative of Truth

Authors: Sai Venkatesh Balasubramanian
Comments: 23 Pages.

No region in the entire planet has been as misunderstood and misrepresented historically than the Indian Subcontinent. Implications of attempting to understand it's history has gone as far as consequences of the Aryan Race theory in the context of Nazis and atheist Dravidian Tamils. It is high time one puts a full stop to all this by knowing truly the history of India. On the basis of research several conclusions have been put forward: an Aryan invasion from central Asia or Europe, an indigenous origin to the Vedas, a Dravidian yet undecipherable Indus Valley Civilization. All these are correct in their own way within their own scope. The problem is not research accuracy, but narrow perspectives. Furthermore certain glaring and questionable assumptions are often made. For example, how can one validate that human migrations inferred through DNA haplogroups are the only sources by which languages spread and evolve? In this article I shall briefly give an overview narrative of Indian Prehistory, on the basis of collating multiple sources. Some of this narrative stands proven by existing archaeological and linguistic and genetic evidences, which are strung together by logical reasoning. For those with need of more concrete proof, time shall certainly answer. For those whose minds have been so corrupted and brainwashed with dogmas from the Holy See or Aryan Dravidian prejudices, God alone shall answer. For those with honest open minds, yearning to understand the truth and for unbiased researchers trying to put together pieces, this article shall surely be of value, and that alone is the scope of this article.
Category: Linguistics