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[3] viXra:1010.0063 [pdf] submitted on 29 Oct 2010

Dark Matter and Visible Matter Fundamentally Related in New Cosmological Model and Recalculated.

Authors: Dan Visser
Comments: 7 pages

A new surface energy-value for dark matter is calculated, derivated from a perspective of a "higher order universe". A universe of dark energy, dark- and visible matter, and a dark energy force. A fundamental connection between dark matter and visible matter is related to dark energy (viXra-paper 1010.0014 in particular is the reference for this novum [5]. The surface energy-density of dark matter seems to be a factor 5 to 20 times higher than earlier predicted value-ranges by the CDMS-project and the Fermi-satelite. Also the produced energies through particle-collissions by LHC CERN will not be enough to achieve the dark matter surface energy-value. The "fact" some of these projects have announced some vaque "bliebs" might be due to a new phenomenon in the search of dark matter. It could be caused by "three dimensional time", which is embedded as a "new duality" in the new model, the "Twin-Tori cosmological Model (TTM)"[1,2,3,4]. The "three dimensional time" might cause dark matter taking unknown paths before detection. This paper has calculated the surface energy-density value for dark matter on 1 TeV in a surface of 6.4 x 10 -48 [m2].
Category: Mathematical Physics

[2] viXra:1010.0014 [pdf] replaced on 1 Jun 2011

Deeper Properties Through Dark and Visible-Matter in a New Cosmological Twin-Tori Model (TTM).

Authors: Dan Visser
Comments: 5 pages

A new cosmological model, named the Twin-Tori Model (TTM)[1], postulates a dark energy force Fde , which empowers the dynamic of a lower order universe, well known as the big bang. In this paper I introduce the 1st derivative F'de of this dark energy force to reveal deeper properties of the TTM, such as: why quantummechanics exists in the big bang, why dark matter and visible matter are equally responsible for gravity in galaxies for 1/4 of the density of dark matter at a specific length, why the big bang universe is recalculated by subquantumlevel-information below the Plancklength, and why the impression of space-expansion is due to the higher order cosmological model TTM.
Category: Mathematical Physics

[1] viXra:1010.0013 [pdf] replaced on 2013-11-25 09:05:44

Thought-Experiment Provides a Formula for (New) Dark Energy Force (Version-3).

Authors: Dan Visser
Comments: 11 Pages. Version-3 is only textual modified and not mathematically altered. It services a better understanding of the beginning of the Double Torus framework.

A (new) ‘dark energy force-formula’ was introduced on April 10 2004 by Dan Visser, Almere, the Netherlands on his website (reference 1a). The (new) formula was picked up by a PhD-mathematician and -Physics, Christopher Forbes (UK), in the summer of 2009, leading to email-contact among them, and resulting in a publication of a general mathematical expression, whereof Dan’s (new) ‘dark energy force-formula’ indeed resulted from the general expressing (reference 2). Additional an amount of (new) dark energy resulted too. Afterwards Dan published his derivation of the (new) force in the Vixra-archive on October 7 2010 (in retrospective). He called his mathematical exercises a ‘thought-experiment’. That had as result the (new) ‘dark energy force-formula’. In the versions following (version-2 and -3) only textual changes were made for servicing a better understanding of the thought-experiment, of course without altering the original mathematical content. Further development was focussed on working–out the (new) dynamics in the Double Torus hypothesis. This is a hypothesis that claims the Big Bang cosmology can no longer be maintained as the model for the universe. The main issue in ‘Dan’s-thought-experiment’ is a scaling-away-principle’,which is characterized by ‘scaling-away’ two black holes from each other (small and large), as well as ‘melting them together’ and making them ‘temperature connected’. Then an observer would receive the same evaporation-radiation from both black holes at the same time. These three exercises (scaling-away, melting-together and temperature-connection) had the aim to keep entropy conserved in the universe. However, ‘scaling-away’ causes a ‘change of dark information’ at the surface of one or the other black hole. Such a change had to correspond to a ‘new force’. That was further exercised, analyzed, synthesized, combined and translated as a mathematical thought-experiment. The result: Dan’s (new) ‘dark energy force-formula’.
Category: Mathematical Physics