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[9] viXra:1408.0235 [pdf] replaced on 2014-09-01 06:52:34

Theoretical Background of T.T. Brown Electro-Gravity Communication System

Authors: Algirdas Antano Maknickas
Comments: 7 Pages.

The author proposed theory of communication system working on gravity waves. Such system of devices should work if the electromagnetic field curves space-time. Theoretical results shows that the artificial change of gravity or space-time curvature should observes at the distance much more bigger than dimension of transmitter antenna. The article ends with discussion details of technical properties of working electro-gravity communication system.
Category: Mathematical Physics

[8] viXra:1408.0188 [pdf] replaced on 2015-01-19 06:33:07

Dark Matter Is Time-clock Faster Than Light In Vacuum.

Authors: Dan Visser
Comments: 12 Pages.

In this paper formulations and calculations are exposed for a new paradigm of dark matter. Dark matter does not exists of solid particles. Dark matter exists of ‘faster time-cells’ than standard-time-based-on-light-speed. These ‘cells’ may sometimes give high-energetic particles, such as e.g. neutrinos, a velocity-gain, which can violate the light-speed in vacuum. In this perspective dark matter can be detected by the ‘combination of energy per time-volume and simultaneously a small light-flash’. Therefore the focus must be on detection of clock-energy during light-flashes !! Put a clock into the dark matter detection-configuration and the energy of the ‘time energy-density’ will change the clock-period, while it also gives a light-flash per second! The ‘dark matter time-cells’ are independent on whether time is relative or not. The assumption to describe dark matter as solid particles, such as ‘wimps’, ‘axions’, or ‘dark matter being its own anti-particle’, is therefore false. The new dark matter paradigm is based on analysis and worked out in this ‘paper’ as a part of a wider framework, called the Double Torus Theory for the Universe. This is a replacement for the Big Bang theory. The wish of this paper is to contribute to the dark matter research-project-teams, who aim to detect dark matter in the up-coming period to 2017 in the UK, USA, Italy, the Netherlands and other countries. Despite all the institutional- and press-commotion of OPERA an ICARUS in 2012 I postpone neutrinos indeed can be affected by ‘dark matter faster-time-cells’. These imply the violation of General Relativity Theory (GRT) and Quantum Theory (QT). A calculation proves that e.g. 62 nanosecond velocity-gain wouldn’t be a hazardous value, but can vary depending on the intensity of the dark matter’s circular-acceleration in vacuum. This is explained in this ‘paper’. It also means not always a violation of GRT and QT will happen. Separately and consistently an additional formulation (and calculation) is given about how the vacuum-energy-density of the QT can be eliminated from its extreme too large value compared to GRT.
Category: Mathematical Physics

[7] viXra:1408.0155 [pdf] submitted on 2014-08-23 15:14:38

The Space-Time Wormhole and Time Direction of Travelling Light

Authors: Algirdas Antano Maknickas
Comments: 8 Pages.

The investigation of Scharzschild solution using new one transform leads to the spherical solution of light path. Spherical solution forms space-time wormhole with finite throat. It was shown that wormhole throat diameter could by manipulated by changing value of Schwarzschild radius. Using symmetric formulation of Maxwell's equations one can obtain the physical time negative solution. Detailed investigation of wormhole of light for Schwarzschild radius of the earth shows that light can travel not only to the future but also to the past too.
Category: Mathematical Physics

[6] viXra:1408.0144 [pdf] replaced on 2014-09-03 11:36:17

The Physicalist Program

Authors: Miguel A. Sanchez-Rey
Comments: 20 Pages.

We'll present the groundwork for the physicalist program and suggest it's implications.
Category: Mathematical Physics

[5] viXra:1408.0125 [pdf] submitted on 2014-08-18 15:49:57

Reflection of Plane Electromagnetic Wave from Conducting Plane

Authors: Zafar Turakulov
Comments: 10 Pages. The work is completed with use of exterior calculus.

The phenomenon of reflection from conducting surface is considered in terms of exact solutions of Maxwell equations. Matching of waves and current density at the plane is completed. Amplitudes of reflected and transmitted waves are found as functions of incident wave and conductivity of the plane. This work is completed also for conducting plane lying between two distinct media. It is shown that in case of conducting interface waves with some certain parameters (polarization, incidence angle and frequency) and transform completely into waves of current density whereas amplitude of the reflected wave is equal to zero that is equivalent to total absorption.
Category: Mathematical Physics

[4] viXra:1408.0072 [pdf] replaced on 2014-08-16 15:01:48

A Physical Axiom System Based on the Spirit

Authors: Zhang yunfan
Comments: 29 Pages.

This paper established a physical axiom system. By the axiom system we can derive important physical laws such as momentum conservation law, Newton's second law, Newton's law of gravity, Schrodinger equation and Maxwell's equations, simplified existing physical theories and explain some physical phenomenons those unresolved by traditional physical theories. We can also derive Schwarzschild solution of external spherically symmetric gravitational field, gravitational red shift equation, proved that if in large-scale distance, Newton's law of gravity and red shift equation must be corrected, the data by corrected formulas meet the astronomical observed results well.
Category: Mathematical Physics

[3] viXra:1408.0060 [pdf] submitted on 2014-08-10 06:44:20

Maxwell Equations and Total Internal Reflection

Authors: Zafar Turakulov
Comments: 9 Pages.

The phenomenon of total internal reflection is considered in terms of exact solutions of Maxwell equations. Matching of plane and evanescent waves at the interface is completed. It is shown that amplitude of the reflected wave cannot be obtained from the matching alone. Since it can differ from that of incident wave due to possible energy loss which may occur in the evanescent wave zone if there is another layer of optically dense medium, this loss is to be specified via amplitude of the reflected wave. Besides, reflected wave potential has phase shift which also depends on this specification.
Category: Mathematical Physics

[2] viXra:1408.0038 [pdf] submitted on 2014-08-08 03:11:53

X-Boson Mass Estimation Using Higgs-, W- and Z-Boson Mass in Context of the Ancient-Word-Theory

Authors: Klaus Lange
Comments: 4 Pages. main text in german language

In consideration of the Higgs-,W- and Z-Boson Mass and the fundamental results of [L1] and [L2] a mass estimation for a x-Boson like particle will made to 684 +/- 64,125 GeV/c^2.
Category: Mathematical Physics

[1] viXra:1408.0018 [pdf] replaced on 2019-01-17 10:04:13

Die Entschlüsselung Der Feinstrukturkonstante

Authors: Bernd Ganter
Comments: Paper in German language. 100 pages. Comments please to:

This paper is about dimensions and fundamental forces in the universe, and especially the derivation of the fine structure constant, the value of which has remained unexplained for over 100 years now. The paper is the German parent document of the condensed version viXra:1405.0226 in English translation. It contains the exact calculation of the value of the fine structure constant which is 1/137.035999100.
Category: Mathematical Physics