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Dowsing Geometry and the Structure of the Universe

Authors: Jeffrey S. Keen
Comments: 50 pages, 38 Figures, 8 Tables.

Comprehension of the structure of the universe currently concentrates on attempting to link quantum physics with general relativity. Many researchers, including the author, believes that the solution lies not just in physics, but involves consciousness and cognitive neuroscience together with understanding the nature and perception of information. This paper combines these latter factors in a non-orthodox approach linked by geometry. Developing an analogy to X-ray crystallography and diffraction gratings may prove useful. We are not using electro-magnetic waves, but consciousness. Confidence in this approach is justified for several reasons. Some of the patterns observed when dowsing seem similar to those produced by diffraction gratings or x-ray crystallography. But in particular, as a result of numerous experimental observations, we know that waves are involved in dowsing. In the following data base of different geometries, researchers are invited to find if mathematical transformations exist that would explain relationships between the mind generated geometric patterns observed by dowsing, and the physical source geometry that creates those patterns. This should help demonstrate how dowsing, the universe, and consciousness are connected, and the mechanisms involved. An analogy is to Crick and Watson discovering the structure of DNA by using Rosalind Franklin's diffraction images. This paper is version 2 of a paper originally published in September 2009, and contains major updates to the following four geometries: - a straight line, 3 dots in a triangle, 1-circle, 2-circles, and "Bob's Geometry". Exciting discoveries are that equations for the mathematical transformation between physical objects and their perceived geometrical pattern are simple functions involving Phi (φ), with no arbitrary constants - i.e. true universal constants. Perceived patterns are affected by several local and astronomical forces that include electromagnetic fields, spin, and gravity. The findings formally confirm the connection between the structure of space-time, phi, the mind, and observations.
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