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[1] viXra:1007.0012 [pdf] submitted on 9 Jul 2010

Surmounting the Cartesian Cut Further: Torsion Fields, the Extended Photon, Quantum Jumps, The Klein-Bottle, Multivalued Logic, the Time Operator Chronomes, Perception, Semiosis, Neurology and Cognition

Authors: Diego L. Rapoport
Comments: 89 page.

We present a conception that surmounts the Cartesian Cut -prevailing in science- based on a representation of the fusion of the physical 'objective' and the 'subjective' realms. We introduce a mathematical-physics and philosophical theory for the physical realm and its mapping to the cognitive and perceptual realms and a philosophical reflection on the bearings of this fusion in cosmology, cognitive sciences, human and natural systems and its relations with a time operator and the existence of time cycles in Nature's and human systems. This conception stems from the self-referential construction of spacetime through torsion fields and its singularities; in particular the photon's self-referential character, basic to the embodiment of cognition ; we shall elaborate this in detail in perception and neurology. We discuss the relations between this embodiment, bio-photons and wave genetics, and the relation with the enactive approach in cognitive sciences due to Varela. We further discuss the relation of the present conception with Penrose's theory of consciousness related to non-computatibility -in the sense of the Goedel-Turing thesis- of quantum processes in the brain.
Category: Mind Science