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About Quantising Unconscious Decision Processes and Their Origin and Proving Intelligent Design

Authors: Martin K. Dubreuil, Sergii Koliada
Comments: 30 Pages. This paper will be forwarded to a peer-reviewed journal after its completion. It was submitted here to invite people to review and criticise the paper.

Prompted by previous research results we analysed human decision processes for unconscious patterns. Like former studies [1, 2] we were able to find law-like patterns that were not consciously created. We calculated the residual uncertainty about the pattern to 1 : 1,000,000,000 and proved a high correlation ratio for the data source related to the found pattern through an intra class correlation test (3.2). We showed that conscious (3.3) and unconscious human behaviour and natural selection (3.4) are not able to explain this result. This includes the possibility to prove Intelligent Design (3.4).
Category: Mind Science

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Categorising Different Types of Noetically Perceived Fields -v2

Authors: Jeffrey S. Keen
Comments: 14 Pages, 11 Figures, 3 Tables

The mind’s intuitive, noetic, or dowsable response to different situations are categorised to help understand its causes. In this paper, nine different subtle energy types have been identified and itemised together with some of their properties. They all have a connection to the earth’s environment and the laws of physics. This is convincingly demonstrated by using an abstract geometrical source that combines tetrahedral geometry and certain Pythagorean triangles allowing the mind to create the 9 subtle energy types. This technique enables the reader to fine-tune his or her noetic or dowsing skills, or use this paper for further serious scientific research into both the mind and its interaction with the cosmos. Key words. Noetics, the mind, dowsing, intent, subtle energy, categorisation, Pythagorean triangles, structure of the universe
Category: Mind Science

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To be a Jew (The Motivating Contrast, the Psychological Incompatibility, the Intellectual Nonconformity, and the Fighting Sentimentalism)

Authors: Emanuel Gluskin
Comments: 18 Pages. This is an important in its topic and unique in its treatment sociological work. In this version, Appendix 4, extending the topic of human thinking conformity, is added.

The basic role of Jews is defined as creating a motivating contrast between the mass of the people who often get into trouble, and the subsequently arising leader (prophet) who calls for conscience in order to help the people to survive the trouble. The words of the Old Testament: "You will bring the light to other nations" are understood as a reflection of the fact that such a prophet is important for the whole of humanity. The main reason for anti-Semitism is seen as some psychological incompatibility (perhaps, of some weak autistic nature) of Jews in their contacts with other people. This incompatibility, however, defends Jews against acquiring the feature of conformity of human society (psychology), -- the conformity that has caused serious moral problems over the world. Jews are thus presented as irritating, but positively thinking and contributing people. It is dangerous but interesting to be a Jew.
Category: Mind Science