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Is Your Physical Look Important to You? if So, Why?

Authors: Valentino Giudice
Comments: 6 Pages.

Those are the results of an online survey 275 people took part in about the perceived importance of one’s own physical look and the reason for it. 92% of people consider their physical look at least somewhat important and about 44% of those consider it as really important. The reasons are many and can vary a lot from person to person. Self-confidence, with feeling comfortable and self-worth, is one of the most common ones. Other reasons are often referred to society and judgment from other people and they include getting some sort of advantage, having a better love or sex life, or not being seen in a negative way (which also relates to self-confidence). In some cases, the reason is just personal (the subject likes looking good). But even among those cases, lots of times there are also extrinsic motivations.
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