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Electron Confinement Fusion of Deuterium Near 0 K

Authors: Chan Rasjid
Comments: 3 Pages.

This is a suggestion for an experiment for fusion of heavy hydrogen, or deuterium, near absolute zero temperature. The idea is to create a sphere of free electrons with deuterium confined at the center. Disregarding for a moment conventional theories, the deuteron may be taken to be a simple configuration of p-e-p . Through physics yet unknown, a deuterium atom may collapse with its atomic electron forced to merge with its nucleus to form a neutral, but unstable, “ionized” nucleus of p-e-p-e. Being neutral, two such pepe are free to get very close to each other. When it happens, a stable configuration is preferred and this may favor leaving behind a helium nucleus by expelling two electrons. Thus fusion of heavy hydrogen to helium is achieved.
Category: Nuclear and Atomic Physics