Number Theory

1109 Submissions

[2] viXra:1109.0054 [pdf] submitted on 27 Sep 2011

Expression for the Mathematical Constant e

Authors: Ranganath G Kulkarni
Comments: 3 pages

Mathematical constant e can be expressed in logarithmic functions. There are six expressions for e. Five of them are step functions and another one is a constant function.
Category: Number Theory

[1] viXra:1109.0029 [pdf] submitted on 9 Sep 2011

Research on Some Smarandache Problems (Vol. 7)

Authors: Huaning Liu, Jing Gao
Comments: 155 pages

This book systematically introduces the works obtained by using analytic methods on Smarandache problems. The book includes the basic knowledge of analytic number theory, mean value on some Smarandache sequences, infinite series involving some Smarandache functions, hybrid mean value of divisor function and some Smarandache functions, and so on. This book could open up the reader's perspective, and inspire the reader to these fields. We want to thank all those who have helped and encouraged us to prepare this book. Professor Wenpeng Zhang gave us the first impulse for writing this book, and have read the whole manuscript very carefully. We also thank Yanni Liu and Peng Gao for cover designs. Last but not least, we would like to thank Dr. Minh Perez for his advice and friendly collaboration.
Category: Number Theory