Quantitative Biology

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[1] viXra:1106.0003 [pdf] submitted on 5 Jun 2011

Klein Bottle Logophysics, Topological Chemistry, The Genetic Code, Universal Rewrite System, Bauplans and the Surmountal of the Cartesian Cut.

Authors: Diego Lucio Rapoport
Comments: 16 pages

We reintroduce logophysics based on self-referential torsion fields and the Klein bottle (KB) logic, which unifies the objective and subjective realms. We apply it to biology, particularly allosterics and the genetic code. We reveal several topologies of the genetic code and its bioinformatics codification, in particular the hyper Klein bottle (HKB) surface. We relate it to the Universal Rewrite System, the Code of Nature, and Dirac algebra.We find that the double helix is unnecessary in this setting, and elaborate the ontology of 3D with regards to time, multistable perception, and a topological (lawless) form of Newton's Third Law. We present the key ideas for a logophysical theory for contextual evolution.
Category: Quantitative Biology