Quantum Gravity and String Theory

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Theory of Universality

Authors: Kasibhatla Surya Narayana
Comments: 50 Pages. Published by IJSDR - International Journal of Scientific Development Research

ABSTRACT : This theory is an attempt to describe the universal phenomena like space, time, matter and energy as an inter-relationship bound by a newly discovered force named as the universal force. The universal force is shown to be the force of gravitation, electricity, magnetism, strong nuclear and weak nuclear forces. I believe any other force, hitherto fore not discovered; also, can be explained in terms of this universal force. Liberal use of wave-particle duality, relativity, quantum concepts is made to achieve a harmonious and comprehensive synthesis of all the existing beliefs in physics into a new theory with some new concepts added here and there. While adding new concepts, enormous care has been taken to ensure that the existing beliefs are not contradicted. Moreover, the new concepts are proved to be correct theoretically by deriving the constants like G, σ , etc.,
Category: Quantum Gravity and String Theory

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Extended Tangloids

Authors: Martin Saturka
Comments: cc-by-sa; 64 pages; 60 figures

Geometrical structures presented in the work naturally provide the standard model and quantum gravity, with explaining the important features of quantum physics and cosmology. Even though this endeavor has started with exploiting the intriguing spin of quantum mechanics, the geometry arising on that has directly lead to a comprehensive unified theory.
Together with that, a key distinction between two time notions, i.e. of the apparent time and of the manifold time is introduced. It shall be fundamental for understanding both the relativistic dynamics and quantum phenomena.
The geometry of extended tangloids is developed in a step-by-step manner, so that it is relatively easy to understand and apprehend it.
A notable point is that a way for creation of the exotic, i.e. anti-gravitating, matter was found along the way. Some applications of the exotic matter are discussed as well.
Category: Quantum Gravity and String Theory