Quantum Physics

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[3] viXra:1009.0060 [pdf] submitted on 20 Sep 2010

The Erasure of Systems at the Quantum Level: a Comment on Arxiv:1009.1630

Authors: Ron Bourgoin
Comments: 2 pages

The authors of Arxiv:1009.1630 demonstrate by theoretical arguments that systems at the quantum level can be erased with energy release to boot. In other words, erasure, once instigated, avalanches with a burst of energy. Energy is fed to the system to initiate erasure, but, once begun, erasing continues on its own. Could it be that UFOs have this ability to self-disrupt as a means of aborting a mission? The authors restrain their quantum system from runaway collapse, but, in nature, a collapse, once begun, is uncontrollable and irreversible.
Category: Quantum Physics

[2] viXra:1009.0050 [pdf] submitted on 14 Sep 2010

A Newtonian Message for Quantization

Authors: Nicolae Mazilu
Comments: 16 pages

The dynamic equations related to Kepler motion are scale-invariant. This means that the dynamical model is universal: it works on the same principles at the micro level as well as at the macro level. Why then quantization? Is it telling something we couldn't read in the classical physics? The answer is negative: both the microcosm and the macrocosm show the same type of phenomena that could be taken into consideration by the classical theory. The only thing worth considering from the side of quantum revolution is the inspiration it could bring, in astrophysics for instance. This was lost, however, due to the artificial dichotomy of our spirit.
Category: Quantum Physics

[1] viXra:1009.0005 [pdf] submitted on 2 Sep 2010

A Case Against the First Quantization

Authors: Nicolae Mazilu
Comments: 15 pages

The blackbody radiation is an open problem, in the sense that there is no classical counterpart to describe the spectrum in physical terms. The usual derivation of Planck implicitly assumes that the spectral density is a mean for a special kind of exponential distributions. There is however a case where the classical statistics makes sense for the spectrum, if we consider the spectral density as a probability density for the values of the frequency at a certain temperature. We show here this case and illustrate it on contemporary COBE-FIRAS data, pointing out to a special tensor nature of the cosmic background radiation. Some conclusions about the measurement process and about the progress in general are drawn.
Category: Quantum Physics