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[2] viXra:0704.0003 [pdf] submitted on 14 Apr 2007

Einstein Versus the Physical Review on Gravitational Waves and the Principle of Causality

Authors: C. Y. Lo
Comments: recovered from

Einstein & Rosen discovered the non-existence of wave solutions. However, the Physical Review found that the singulari-ties they discovered are removable. Since the editorial accepted wave solutions with unbounded amplitude, Einstein's require-ment on weak gravity was implicitly rejected in disagreement with general relativity. On the other hand, from the Hulse-Taylor binary pulsars experiment, it has been found that the nonexistence of gravitational wave solution is due to a violation of the principle of causality. It will be shown that such a violation can be seen directly from the cylindrical "waves" of Einstein and Rosen. The root of such an error lasting more than half a century is due to that the editorial of Physical Review and others did not understand Einstein's equivalence principle and incorrectly regarded it as essentially the same as Pauli's version. Conse-quently, they do not understand a basic principle in science, the principle of causality adequately. Moreover, the rejection of Einstein's requirement on weak gravity was based on the invalid interim "covariance principle". Currently, misinterpretations of Einstein's equivalence principle and the acceptance of the invalid "covariance principle", in effect, have developed into efforts conspired to give deceptive predictions.
Category: Relativity and Cosmology

[1] viXra:0704.0001 [pdf] submitted on 8 Apr 2007

Quaternion Relativity, Ehrenfest Paradox, and Finsler-Berwald Metric: Reply to "notes on Pioneer Anomaly Explanation by Satellite-Shift Formula of Quaternion Relativity"

Authors: V. Christianto, F. Smarandache
Comments: recovered from

In the present article we would like to make a few comments on a recent paper by A. Yefremov in this journal [1]. It is interesting to note here that he concludes his analysis by pointing out that using full machinery of Quaternion Relativity it is possible to explain Pioneer XI anomaly with excellent agreement compared with observed data, and explain around 45% of Pioneer X anomalous acceleration. We argue that perhaps it will be necessary to consider extension of Lorentz transformation to H4 of Finsler-Berwald metric, as discussed by a number of authors in the past few years. In this regard, it would be interesting to see if the use of extended Lorentz transformation could also elucidate the long-lasting problem known as Ehrenfest paradox. Further observation is of course recommended in order to refute or verify this proposition.
Category: Relativity and Cosmology