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Who is Jesus?

Authors: Robert A. Herrmann
Comments: 25 Pages.

"All humanists agree that religion is not based on reason." This statement, in many different forms, has been popularized for hundreds of years. A major purpose for interpreting theologically the 1978-1979 GD and GGU-models is to establish that all such statements are false. Jesus Christ is Scripturally described as the "great God and Saviour," "the only-begotten God," "the image of the invisible God," and many similar characterizing phrases. All such phrase are shown to be non-contradictory and rationally presented. In the second part of this article, it is established exactly what it Scripturally and rationally means to state that Jesus is "pre-existent."
Category: Religion and Spiritualism

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A Song of Ice and Fire - Per Character Chapter Lists

Authors: Shawn Halayka
Comments: 4 Pages.

Per character chapter lists from A Song of Ice and Fire. Chapter data obtained from Apple iBooks edition.
Category: Religion and Spiritualism

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Are there Scientific Proofs for the Existence of God?

Authors: Victor Christianto
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In this paper I give an outline of several proofs of the existence of God. Hopefully it will help some people to turn to God as the Savior and Creator.
Category: Religion and Spiritualism