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Analysis of the Refined Details of the GGU-Model and an Application to Human Corporeal and Incorporeal Experiences.

Authors: Robert A. Herrmann
Comments: 27 Pages.

The General Grand Unification (GGU) Model predicts physical and physical-like behavior. The premises can be considered as descriptions for directly observable physical events. Descriptions for physical events or objects are composed of elements taken from a general language and, as customary, are representations for the actual physical events or objects, respectively. The predictions yield all observable and describable physical events. Further, higher-forms of descriptions are predicted. These yield physical-like events, where the differences in linguistic behavior and descriptions for the terms employed signify differences in the behavior between the physical-like ultranatural events or objects being described and the original physical events or objects, respectively. After introducing the necessary terminology and concepts, Section 5 of this paper presents a Biblical interpretation. The corporeal physical-systems and events that correspond to the, generally described, human being are identified. Then closely associated and predicted incorporeal physical-like systems and events are interpreted. Of significance is the choice predicted existence of non-physical but physical-like “invisible” universes that have various applications including the modeling of statements that appear in Revelations.
Category: Religion and Spiritualism