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About Testing Intelligent Design at the Present Time and References About a Triune God

Authors: M. Dubreuil, S. Koliada
Comments: 58 Pages. There was no research journal that accepted a mathematical paper about ID for a peer review. The story about our dispute with the ID Through lack of interest our research is now discontinued

Prompted by previous research results human decision processes were analysed for unconscious patterns. Like former studies [1, 2] law-like patterns were found that were not consciously created. The residual uncertainty was calculated to 1 : 10^7 and a high correlation ratio for the data basis related to the found pattern was proved through an intra class correlation test. The results are statistically significant with 5,3 sigma. They require an additional information creating process. It is shown that the results are best explained by a bias in chance itself, to create nontrivial structures. The similarities with the circumstances of the origin of first life are tremendous. The results indicate that intelligent design exists at the present time. The found law-like pattern supports a triune God with a residual uncertainty of 1 : 10^3.
Category: Religion and Spiritualism