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1803 Submissions

[4] viXra:1803.0724 [pdf] submitted on 2018-03-30 10:27:10

Immanuel Kant's Contradictory Subtlety of Four Syllogistic Figures © Copyright 2017-2018 by Colin James III All Rights Reserved.

Authors: Colin James III
Comments: 2 Pages. © Copyright 2017-2018 by Colin James III All rights reserved. info@cec-services dot com

Kant's contradictory subtlety of four syllogistic figures is not tautologous. This means the logic of Kant is irrelevant to resolve disputes on the origin of the universe or to advance the exegesis of the Old Testament. However, Kant does remain as an historical artifact in the history of philosophy, albeit without value to mathematical logic.
Category: Religion and Spiritualism

[3] viXra:1803.0719 [pdf] submitted on 2018-03-29 19:45:17

How Neutrosophic Logic May Resolve Dispute on the Origin of the Universe Through re-Reading Gen. 1:1-2

Authors: Victor Christianto, Florentin Smarandache
Comments: 12 Pages. This paper was writen under guidance of Holy Spirit

In recent years, the Big Bang as described by the Lambda CDM-Standard Model Cosmology has become widely accepted by majority of physics and cosmology communities. But the philosophical problems remain, as Vaas pointed out: Did the universe have a beginning or does it exist forever, i.e. is it eternal at least in relation to the past? This fundamental question was a main topic in ancient philosophy of nature and the Middle Ages, and still has its revival in modern physical cosmology both in the controversy between the big bang and steady state models some decades ago and in the contemporary attempts to explain the big bang within a quantum cosmological (vacuum fluctuation) framework. In this paper we argue that Neutrosophic Logic offers a resolution to the long standing disputes between beginning and eternity of the Universe. In other words, in this respect we agree with Vaas, i.e. it can be shown: “how a conceptual and perhaps physical solution of the temporal aspect of Immanuel Kant’s „first antinomy of pure reason“ is possible, i.e. how our universe in some respect could have both a beginning and an eternal existence. Therefore, paradoxically, there might have been a time before time or a beginning of time in time.” By the help of computational simulation, we also show how a model of early Universe with rotation can fit this new picture. Further observations are recommended.
Category: Religion and Spiritualism

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Authors: Peter V. Raktoe
Comments: 4 Pages.

Something has created the universe and we already know what it is, what we see as God is similar to something in our body.
Category: Religion and Spiritualism

[1] viXra:1803.0494 [pdf] submitted on 2018-03-22 21:44:53

"Pagan Christmas" Research Project

Authors: Holló Csanádi, Emília Kissné Dóczi, Andrea Lőrincz
Comments: 2 Pages.

The following short essay summarizes the findings of our 2017 short-term research project. The project's objective was to shed some light on the the Christmas practices of those people, who identify themselves as pagans in our times.
Category: Religion and Spiritualism