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[2] viXra:1010.0026 [pdf] submitted on 14 Oct 2010

Paradoxism's Manifestos and International Folklore

Authors: Florentin Smarandache
Comments: 157 pages

The book is structured in two parts as follows: - in the first part, the theory of paradoxism through its first six published worldwide manifestos (1983-2010); - in the second part, the paradoxism collected from the international (English, French, Spanish/Arabic, and Romanian) folklore in images and paradoxist situations. PARADOXISM is an avant-garde movement in literature, art, philosophy, science, based on excessive use of antitheses, antinomies, contradictions, parables, odds, anti-clichés, deviations of senses, against-the-grain speech, nonsense, paraphrases, oxymorons, inversions, digressions, paradoxes, semiparadoxes, etc. in creations. It was set up and led by the writer Florentin Smarandache since 1980's, who said: "The goal is to enlargement of the artistic sphere through non-artistic elements. But especially the counter-time, counter-sense creation. Also, to experiment."
Category: General Science and Philosophy

[1] viXra:1010.0022 [pdf] submitted on 10 Oct 2010

Paradoxism and Folklore (Romanian), Book by Florentin Smarandache

Authors: Florentin Smarandache
Comments: 139 pages, In Romanian

Polemics regarding the paradoxism are presented in the first part of this book through literary and social-political essays and interviews. In the second part, you'll see the paradoxism's actuality in today's contemporary society: by cliches, proverbs' deviations, and especially by the quotidian images taken from Internet - with political parables and ironies and with this primitive... modernization of the country (Romania). Look how present is the paradoxism in our life!
Category: General Science and Philosophy