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[5] viXra:1311.0103 [pdf] submitted on 2013-11-15 08:00:08

Carbon Emission Control for Industrial Application

Authors: Thomas Alexander Meyer
Comments: 3 Pages.

I propose a protocol for the filtration of carbon dioxide and other carbon based compounds, which are the central cause of greenhouse gases, from an emission. The protocol involves the addition of the carbon emission to a diffusion friendly gas (such as H2O) at high temperature in vapour form. The combination of the two gases will allow a formation of a liquid/solid chemical mixture upon cooling. There are numerous possibilities of the final chemical state of the mixture. The final step of the protocol is to simply filter the liquid and solid chemicals from the water for safe disposal.
Category: General Science and Philosophy

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Tony Smith's Web Book 2018

Authors: Frank Dodd Tony Smith Jr
Comments: 24647 Pages.

This is a booknoted PDF book containing the web site work of Tony Smith on math, physics, history, etc.
Category: General Science and Philosophy

[3] viXra:1311.0036 [pdf] submitted on 2013-11-06 01:05:22

Lentile Transparente

Authors: Dana Petras
Comments: 128 Pages.

O diagonală la activitatea literară şi ştiinţifică a lui Florentin Smarandache
Category: General Science and Philosophy

[2] viXra:1311.0022 [pdf] replaced on 2013-12-01 23:03:14

Symmetry Debts: The "Tetrahedron Model VS the "Standard Model"

Authors: John A. Gowan
Comments: 10 Pages. numerous small changes

Both the "Standard" and the "Tetrahedron Model" rely on symmetry principles to create unified theories of the "four forces of physics" (in the sense of Emmy Noether's great theorem relating symmetry and conservation). But in general I use the symmetries of the "forest", while the standard model uses the symmetries of the "trees". Obviously, these cannot be mutually exclusive categories; in most respects the two theories complement each other. Another major difference is that I use the concept of symmetry "debts" to solve qualitative "why" or conservation problems (Why gravity? What is the conservation reason that gravity must exist as a force in the universe?), whereas the "establishment" uses the concept of symmetry-in-action to solve quantitative "how" or mechanistic problems (how does gravity produce its effects and how can we calculate them?). (See: "The 'Tetrahedron Model' VS the 'Standard Model' of Physics: A Comparison".)
Category: General Science and Philosophy

[1] viXra:1311.0015 [pdf] submitted on 2013-11-02 15:26:41

Biographical Reflections on an ‘Emperor’s New Clothes’ the Immanent Completion of the Tools of Epistemology

Authors: Richard L Amoroso
Comments: 8 Pages. Paper discusses Empirical metaphysics, Epistemology, Noetic, Plato, Transcendence

Galileo is credited with bringing us from the age of Logic and Reason to the age of Empiricism; This document describes the next step which also completes the tools of epistemology - That of the utility of transcendence (or noetic insight as ancient Greek Philosopher Plato termed it) as a tool in scientific theory formation. An example of this controversial concept is illustrated here giving birth to an ‘Empirical Metaphysics’ that was used to open the door to large-scale additional dimensionality and in the process allow access to a 3rd regime of reality (Classical Newtonian - Quantum - Unity) founding the field of Unified Field Mechanics.
Category: General Science and Philosophy